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    Windows 8.1, HD 4600, Audio not showing full HD Capabilities


      I have an Asrock Z87 Extreme6 running a 4670K and Windows 8.1 Pro.


      My AV receiver is an Onkyo TX-NR626 and is DTS-HD capable, connected via HDMI.  However Windows only shows DD, DTS and DD+.


      I have the latest intel graphics and sound driver from the Intel website ( / 6.16.0000.3129 ) as detailed in the attached dxdiag.


      The daisy chained monitor connected to the Onkyo is turned off to avoid confusion, and the 2nd monitor has its sound separated and disabled.


      Moninfo shows the realtime EDID from the Onkyo to contain its accurate status of managing the formats:




      Any help regarding why this is occurring would be appreciated.