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    Galileo API documentation




      is there a documentation of the Galileo API? I found some parts in the Intel linux eamples about how to get the SOC temperature, but are there more commands to get for example the MAC adress, or use the onboard real time clock?


      thanks and greetings


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          Hi LeFelix.


          Yes, there is a full documentation available on the CPU.

          Intel® Quark Datasheet


          The real-time clock is in the Datasheet, chapter 21.10, the Ethernet controller in chapter 15.0. Thermal management is chapter 10.0


          If you want to go deep down in the processor, this doc might also be interesting for you.

          Intel® Quark Core Developer's Manual



          Have fun hacking into the inner guts of the SOC.

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            Hi Felix,


            There's actually no "Galileo API", at least in the sense I understand this term. Galileo can be programmed using two main approaches (not considering additional frameworks you can install like Node.js):


            1) standard Linux programming techniques (I don't know of any specific good guide, but there are tons of resources, online and offline). Just note that in the default setup you get not a typical glibc as a main library, but uClibc, which is slightly different. You can find the details and manuals on their official website: uClibc


            2) Using Arduino API (with some limitations, which are described in the BSP release notes & on this forum). You can find the guide on Arduino website: Arduino - Reference


            If you meant something else or have additional questions - feel free to elaborate your question.


            ADD: Thomas added very good resources, yeah these comprise something I could call a "Galileo API" in a sense, good point, Thomas! :-)

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              Hey Thomas,


              thanks for the datasheets but in the Ethernet chapter i just see a lot of letters numbers and charts...

              API is maybe a bit too much but i mean a set of code to communicate with the board hardware?


              Getting the Quark temperature and RTC time is already in the linux examples but not how to get the Ethernets MAC address or information on memory usage and stuff.

              Is there a summary somewhere?


              Thanks for helping