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    Mashery IO Docs on Galileo guide


      This is a quite guide to get your Arduino compatible Galileo talking to APIs.


      - Make sure the date is set correctly on your system otherwise the https requests will get errors as the date will be off and certificates will not validate correctly.

      - A coin style battery can be attached so this step will not be necessary as the battery will provide enough power to the clock on the board.

      - Your Galileo must be connected to a network where it can reach the internet as some node components will automatically fetch libraries over the net.


      Mashery IODocs requires two main things - redis and node


      Fortunately Alex provided the latest builds of these in opkg installers on via the Intel Galileo community. To install the packages you must download and extract them from the zip files, then scp them onto your Galileo.


      After this use the command


      opkg install packagenamehere.ipk

      For Redis 2.8.4:

      For node.js:

      Once both of these components are installed you can run the usual “npm install” command in the iodocs-master directory.

      One other item of interest - git is not installed by default but you can grab the source from the zip on github and unzip it into a directory on the galileo.