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    No HDMI Audio output from DN2820FYK


      I have a DN2820FYK running Windows 8 with all the latest drivers installed, and no matter what I do, I cannot get any audio output from the HDMI port. I tried with both the Intel Graphics driver and the Realtek audio driver installed, combinations of only one or the other installed, and without either driver installed. I've tried two different working cables, 1 monitor (with speakers), and two TV's. No matter what, I can't any HDMI audio devices recognized. The Intel Display Audio driver is recognized in the device manager, but no HDMI audio devices show up when the driver is installed. If neither the Realtek audio driver or the Intel Display Audio driver are installed, the stock Windows drivers show 2 HDMI audio devices in the sound devices settings, but show as disconnected.


      Is there something wrong with my NUC, or what am I doing wrong that would prevent my HDMI audio from coming through? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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