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    Copmuter BSODs eveytime I try to install driver version


      I have tried several times to install this driver. I have an ASROCK Z77 Extreme6 MoBo, an Intel Core i7-3770k Processor, Intel 7 Series/C216 Chipset and Intel HD Graphics 4000. My current driver version is


      Every time I attempt to install the latest driver,, near the end of the process my screens black out. my primary display (I have two) comes back on alone. then after a bit I get the windows 8.1 blue screen of death saying the the computer has to restart and it is collecting information. The computer then enters a loop booting into a bsod until I restore it to the point before the driver update.


      I do not have any other graphics cards, I do not play any graphically intense games. For now I have hidden the update in windows updater. (I have tried downloading it from the intel support page, same result). I can't figure out why I can't install this driver, and I was hoping someone here could help. I apologize if this is a duplicate of another question, but I have searched and I can't find someone with the same circumstances.