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    D54250WYK HDMI work issues and f2 boot setup problem


      Recently bought this product. Maaaan it's small)))

      At first i simple connect it with my Sony 3D Display and it start fine. I try to instal win 7 but my dvd was damaged and i was forced to get digital copy. But when i start NUC to try install it my Sony Display cant get signal from NUC. At first i suggested that i have HDMI cable problems and try test on my small kitchen tv. It sad smth like "wrong signal"... Then i try it on my Epson projector and it cant load video either. At last i try my old 32" tv with 720p only and it work. I install win 7 and drivers from support site but problem dont go anywere. Then i try to go to bios setup but it wont start and freze at logo screen. f7 and f10 work but not f2. I use HDMI to mini HDMI cable without any recivers or etc. I upgrade my bios to 0023 but problem stay((

      What should i do? i try mini dp to HDMI later (out of money) but if it wont work? and if it can display 3d? (i meen display port to hdmi).

      Maybe tommorow i go to my friend to test it on his monitor.