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    DC53427HYE fails to boot, power LED blinks every 5 seconds, fan not rotating




      I have trouble booting Intel NUC DC53427HYE. It was running for about one month non-stop, then I decided to reboot it. Reboot was never a problem, but this time it went down and never got up. It blinks blue power LED every 5 seconds as it tries to boot, but then it stops for some reason after ~.5 sec., then retries with the same effect after 5 seconds.


      The screen is blank (remains standby), CPU fan is not rotating, standby power LED (green) is on whenever power is connected to the device. It is not possible to enter BIOS.


      The question is: is it a hardware failure or not? Can I fix it by reconfiguring the device, or the only option is RMA?