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    DZ77GA-70K wont boot - pins broken or something else?


      My system:Zotac GTX 770, i5-2320


      In november I bought the Intel DZ77GA-70K Mainboard and it didnt work, the problem was that when I started the PC, it showed the skull logo of the box which the mainboard is in and the keys that I should press to get into the bios, I pressed everything but it didnt work, so I sent it back and they said, that the pins were bend/broken and got it "repaired" for free. Now after 3 months or so and now its still the same problem, when I boot it still shows the logo and I cant do anything, after a few minutes the screen just turns black.Is there still a problem with the pins? Im not a pc expert so im not really sure, and if there is a problem can I fix it myself without waiting another weeks or months?The LEDs on the mainboard indicate that something is working everything is green except the CPU-LED, it turns red when I boot for a sec, then blue for a short time and then there is no light at all, dont know if this is normal.

      Im going to attach 2 pictures of the pins of the motherboard, everything works fine if I use my old motherboard so I think the DZ77GA-70K has a problem.


      Im curious, my old motherboard is a MS-7728, am I going to see any improvements in over the old one?And I'm looking for a new CPU for video rendering which one would be the best for max 300€?

      ~Sorry for my english if there is anything I forgot mention please ask~