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    DN2820FYK issues with Audio and Video




      I have a DN2820FYK running Windows 8.1 pro with Media Center. 


      This is a new build.  Because of various problems, it is a fresh install with no legacy operating sytem on a newly reformatted disc. The unit has the bios just released about a week ago, and I have downloaded all the appropriate drivers and those are current.


      I am having two issues.  First, I cannot play multichannel audio correctly with foobar with various plug ins.  Those work just fine on my Intel HD based system (HD 2000) downstairs.  I run a performance checking utility and it shows the CPU is not maxed out at all (more like 20%).  So I think the Audio drivers may have some bugs and do not know if any updates are planned.  So some thoughts would help there.


      Second, It appears that the built in VC1 codecs have issues. I did purchase Arcsoft Total Media theatre 6.x; and it seems to have its own VC1 filters.  But that program does not fully support DTS HD MA on my unit, unlike MPC-HC which does using some DLL from the Arcsoft installation. 


      More than once, however, installing Arcsoft causes a fatal Windows crash (error message is something like 000021a) and so I have had to rebuild Windows multiple times. 


      There short form of this is that I think the drivers for Audio and Video need some fine tuning at this point.  Can you advise if these issues are known and are being addressed?