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    D54250WYK and Windows8 Upgrade (through XP?)


      I'm doing this all by the book...I have an XP Pro OEM license I'm transferring from the original machine to the NUC.  I though I'd be able to just install Win8 but it won't activate.  It seems this is because my Win 8 Pro is an "upgrade" key and it wants to find the original version of Windows on the machine.


      No problem, I thought...switch the BIOS into "legacy" mode and boot from (USB) CD.  It starts booting and applying drivers from the XP CD (SP2 btw), but then it blows up with BSOD.  Codes are 0xf78d2524, 0xc0000034.


      So...figuring that I can't be the only person to have tried this...any ideas how I can pull this off?  I was sort of thinking that I could just take a disk image from my original machine, but (given it's a MacBook Pro) I think that way will have me chasing even more driver problems!