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    How to ensure that laptop can create and run 64bit virtual machine?




      I want to buy a new laptop that will have such a processor which will allow creating and running 64bit guest (windows based virtual machine) on it. VT-x feature isn't supported by my CPU (or motherboard?).


      On Intel site, I couldn't find any mention about which specific feature will ensure that 64bit guest creation and run is allowed. Can you please guide what care should I take to ensure that processor supports 64 bit virtual machine creation.


      I also read about VT-d feature. Is it that if VT-d feature is supported then VT-x will definitely be supported?

      Any ways, due to budget constrint I may not go with VT-d...still VT-x needs to be there. Please guide. Thanks in advance.




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          Hi TechTip,


          I am sorry to hear you are having problems but let me help you.


          It is important to mention that in order to be able to use a virtual machine, the motherboard and the processor must support Intel® Virtualization Technology and the case of OEMs, the options must be available at the BIOS level. I mention this because some OEMs do not enable the Virtualization Technology at the bios level and therefore is not possible to use it.


          My recommendation is to confirm with the computer manufacture of your preference if the unit you are about to get supports or not Virtual machines.