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    igdkmd64.sys DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD (Win 8.1 64), updating my driver?


      The short problem:

      In order to avoid the BSOD regarding "igdkmd64.sys" and what is displayed in the title, I attempted to update my Intel HD Graphics 4000  driver to the most recent update ( I did this yesterday, using a zip file. As a matter of fact, the overall procedure I used is described pretty well here. Many have claimed that this BSOD issue was solved by this update, and I was hoping for the same thing... Something odd happened a couple of minutes ago. My computer, without me putting any setting or function, essentially updated the graphics driver to the one I previously had, the one that is allegedly responsible for my BSODs. I didn't put any function, I was browsing the internet and all of a sudden I noticed the driver was updating/changing. Why is this happening and how can I stop it so that I can use the most recently updated driver?


      The long problem:

      My ASUS KC46 laptop was purchased in November of 2012. One of the first things I did was install the well known game "League of Legends," and I was able to use it pretty smoothly. This laptop had Windows 8.

      I downloaded the windows 8.1 update in November of 2013. I'm not really good with computers, I was updating for the sake of updating it. Shortly after I updated it, upon playing games of League of Legends (and if I was using other software like google chrome or spotify whilst playing league), I began seeing messages regarding low memory. I never had gotten them before, and I assumed maybe League had a bad patch. But these messages didn't really go away.

      The # of games changed, but eventually, I would get a BSOD that stated... well in short, everything in the title. I, again, am not much with computers. I was hoping an update would eventually come along. But it is now (nearly) the start of February. Last week I began to become frantic about trying to solve this issue. I started looking up other forums and it seemed I was not alone on this issue. Many people, often gamers, were experiencing the same BSOD issue.


      I started seeing multiple forums in which people were claiming a couple of things.

      - Nearly every forum stated there was an issue regarding Intel HD Graphics 4000 drivers

      - Multiple people claimed that updating these drivers was a solution, or working for them. Others at least claimed that it would be good to do so.


      So I started looking to do that. Unfortunately (and I was not alone in this), my computer would not casually let me do this. A simple updating style would result in a message claiming the update was invalid (i can't remember for sure), or that my drivers were already to date. After searching for some tutorials, I finally found information on how to apply the recent update from a zip file...

      So 4 days ago, I did this. I updated my driver to a recent update that was supposed to solve this BSoD issue.

      Yesterday, something weird happened. To my disgust, whilst playing League of Legends, a BSoD occurred with the igdkmd64.sys error. I was confused and upset because I believed I updated my drivers and had no idea of an alternative solution rather than just waiting for a widespread update to solve this problem


      Weird thing was, I used device manager to check my drivers... They were labelled as the previous driver I updated from. ( I had no idea how this happened or when it could have happened. I again updated my drivers to the recent updated version, hoping the problem would be solved once and for all.


      Well I was using my computer casually today, browsing the internet, and then... without me putting any function or running device manager, my drivers updated. I could tell by the brief flash of my screen and brief irresponsiveness of applications. I quickly checked device manager... My driver, again, was labelled as the previous driver (3308), as if I never updated them yesterday.

      I intend to try again tonight, especially because I want to play league tonight... but I'm am incredibly confused... why is my driver constantly switching back to its previous version despite my updates?


      I am aware of a procedure involving me uninstalling my incompatible drivers (3308), then booting up my laptop in safe mode and updating to the recent version (3345). The only reason why I have yet do this is because... I am terrible with computers. I'm afraid of something going wrong in that process because I won't know how to fix it immediately (most likely) and I am not interested in spending money.


      I really don't want these BSoDs to keep occurring.