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    DH61WW new bios 0120 have a bug,create a system restart problem


      I have a dh61ww motherboard after update to new bios 0120 successfully first boot system start clearly than after restart not done.

      i thought that problem in c2 report or lan setting pleases give me correct bios configuration.



      Dear friend allan after update to bios 0118 according to you nothing happen problem is same. Problem is that cold boot is done but on warm boot bios hang and nothing happen. When I enable c2 report in bios setting cold boot and warm boot is done but OS not open and not install . My system configuration is that Processor – i3 3210 3rd gen Motherboard – DH61WW B3 Graphics card – Asus EN GT 210 I gb ddr3 ram ONE PCI Wi-Fi card Ram – 4 gb ddr3 1333 MHz PSU – 500 w


      After long search I find the problem the main problem in intel management engine on start its show no and boot clearly but on restart its show IME no and hang on boot screen if I turnoff LAN in bios setting its boot and restart but cold start after five sec and one wake of light blink

      please give me new bios that solve the LAN problem