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    HDMI to TV Audio


      I have just purchased a new computer and am trying to set up my tv as a second moniotor.

      on my previous PC i simply connect a HDMI from the pc to my tv and was able to view both screens and hear the auido

      However now i have set it up again and can view through bouth screens but i cannot recieve audio

      When i go into the sound settings it has selected "Realtek high definition audio" which works for the speakers attached to my computer but where it says "Digital Audio (HDMI) High Definiation Audio Device" it say "Not Plugged In" and i cannot select it, but i know it is plugged in because the picture is coming through to the tv

      I Know the problem isnt the cable or tv as it all worked perfectly with the old pc

      I have read through threads everywhere for the last several hours and cannot find a soloution that works for my problem


      Intel pentium cpu g3220 @ 3.00Ghz

      Intel HD Graphic driver version

      window 8.1 64 bit


      If someone knows how to fix this please advice any help would be greatly appreciated

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          I am sorry to hear you are having problems with this configuration but let me help you.


          Checking the information you have provided, there are some recommendations I would like to give you:


          1. Update the bios in your system using the latest one from the computer manufacture.
          2. Check some information about known issues at the following link:



          It is also important to mention that when using video convertors/adapters the performance can be affected or in the worst case may not work at all.