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    Can't use my ssd in Rapid Storage.


      Hi Everyone,

      I have a problem with my Samsung 32 GB SSD. When I bought computer, it came with Windows 7 and Rapid Storage Tech was functional. After decided to migrate a linux distro (ubuntu) for 3 months, I decided to get back Windows 8. After installing windows 8 on my pc, I set up Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers. But here starts the problem.  I just can't activate SSD on Rapid Storage Tech software to work as cache for fast booting and etc. SSD looks like in raw state without any partitions for cache or other stuff. Besides all those, I can't enter option room while booting the pc. Mainboard on pc is Intel HM77 (Panther Point). Any help  would be appreciated.

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          I am sorry for the issue.


          In order to use Intel® Smart Response Technology the SATA controller mode must be set to RAID in BIOS. This is probably the reason why it is not possible to enter the RAID option rom. Please bear in mind that changing this option from AHCI or IDE will require reinstallation of the operating system.


          Once you do this, the acceleration option should be available in the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology software. If it is still not showing up then it is probably related to the data on the drive, such as a previously existent RAID structure.


          Chipset Software; Intel´┐Ż Smart Response Technology User Guide