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    Intel HD 4400 DirectX 11 scaling issues




      First of I want to notice that I'm aware that there are a lot of threads on this particular subject, both on intel's and other forums. But I thought it would be a good idea to put all the information I've gathered in the past few days in one thread.


      So let's start with the description of my problem. As the title says it's a scaling issue, whenever I change the resolution of a game to non-native I just get a centered screen with black borders around it. This happens with the HD 4400 chip in combination with the Nvidia GT 730M running on windows 8.1. And ofcourse all the drivers are up to date.


      Now I have found out myself that this problem is related to DirectX 11, for this only happens in applications that use that version of DirectX. The best example for this is crysis 2, I changed my resolution to 1280 by 720 and boom there were the familiar black borders. But when I disable the use of DirectX 11 in the graphics option of crysis 2 it suddenly scales properly.


      But this problem only occurs when running the desktop in native resolution (1920 by 1080). When I change the resolution to ANY other one, I suddenly get more display scaling options available in the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel, I can now choose "Scale Full Screen". When running the desktop at a lower resolution with that scaling option, I can run DirectX 11 games in any resolution and they will scale just fine!


      For some people this works as a fix though:


      1) change display resolution to below-native, 1024 by 768 for instance

      2)choose "Scale Full Screen" and save

      3)change display resolution back to native



      But sadly for me this doesn't work, the intel settings just go back to "Maintain Display Scaling" and my games still have black borders around the edges.


      So right now the fix is change desktop resolution for gaming or disable DirectX 11 when possible. I hope that the intel team can figure something out for their next drivers or that there are people on this forum that know an actual good fix. The only thing that I haven't tried yet is to install older drivers and see if those work or to disable the intel hd 4400 chip (which isn't a very good idea I believe)



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          I am experiencing the exact same issue with Civilization V, works fine in DirectX 9 mode but with DirectX 11 the image is not scaled when using lower than native resolutions. In addition, I also noticed that in DirectX 11 mode some resolutions are missing that are available in DirectX 9 mode (in particular, 1280x720 is missing in DirectX 11).

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            I am sorry to hear that have had issues with Scaling modes.

            I appreciate your feedback on this matter. I will make sure your comment reaches the proper department for future consideration.


            Thank you for taking the time to communicate this issue to us.



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              I confirm that I have the same problem with Crysis 2 over HD4400 chip + Nvidia 735m + Windows 8.1 (all driver up-to-date) and DirectX 11...

              If my desktop is setting to higher resolution like 1920x1080, with DirectX11 enabled in the Crysis 2 game options, the game screen set to 1024x768 resolution appear small in the middle of the screen with heavy black border.

              Disabling  DirectX 11 in the graphics option of crysis 2 it suddenly scales properly.

              Intel, Nvidia or Microsoft have fixed this problem?


              Best regards, Max

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                I also confirm the problem. Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro with 3200x1800 display and Intel HD Graphics 4400. DirectX 11 games won't scale properly to fill the screen in lower resolution modes. I even tried to force-update drivers to version, but to no avail. (Lenovo only provides drivers, and updates must be manually installed.)


                Intel, what are you doing? The original poster reported this problem three months ago. Where is the driver fix?

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                  So, Intel, are you taking on to fixing this driver bug or not? Do you need more information?

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                    Sorry about the trouble. If there are issues that carried over from previous drivers that you are still experiencing, feel free to announce them again here:




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                      This problem remains unfixed. What's more, with Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro I cannot even install Intel's latest graphics drivers as the installer self-aborts and tells me to get the drivers "from the manufacturer". Lenovo doesn't offer drivers newer than October 2013. The Intel Update Manager that came with the laptop hasn't been able to connect to Intel servers since May 29th, 2014, for whatever reason. It just insist I have to check my internet connection.


                      This is the most expensive laptop I've ever bought and if Intel cannot even fix a simple issue like resolution scaling on it, it will be last computer I ever buy that even smells of an Intel chipset.

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                        I have to say I feel a bit shafted by Intel regarding this bug. It's been known since day 1 and yet there has been no acknowledgement of the issue, just generic customer service script responses. I'm going to specifically avoid Intel for my next laptop purchase due to this issue and how it's been handled. This is not a good way to treat your userbase, Intel.

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                          I work in the graphics driver team - we have debugged the issue and identified some differences in how Windows 8.1 + DX11 pass scaling options to our driver which is different than older operating systems and different than DirectX9.  We are working on a fix.

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                            That is wonderful news! Thank you for looking into this.

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                              Hello everyone! I've been having same issue of black borders in games(e.g. saints row 3 and saints row 4), but I've found my solution to be downloading drivers from manufacturers site.(native screen resolution 1080p)

                              I'm using ASUS N550JK with
                              Windows 8.1,

                              Intel Core i7-4710HQ with integrated graphics and

                              NVidia GEFORCE GTX 850M.

                              So I went to ASUS support site and searched for my laptop, there i just chose latest driver for Intel in VAC category, installed it and, voila - issues solved.



                              So to summarise everything, it seems that problem actually WAS in drivers. And if solution is needed - manufacturers support website is place to go.
                              I want to thank intel support staff on this website for doing great job(to be honest I can't remember the one who suggested going to manufacturers site), and I hope this will solve this problem for others too.

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                                @StanT101, there must be something else going on with your system now. I just looked up, and the driver version ASUS is offering on their website is 15.33.20, from last April 25th. Even Intel's much newer 15.36.7 from October 3rd doesn't solve the problem, and much less Lenovo's driver (my laptop is Lenovo) 15.33.18 from March 2014. Basically, the drivers are not yet fixed, and ASUS's driver from last April even couldn't be.

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                                  As one of the support staff of Intel forums said on one of other posts it all depends on your system, with my software and hardware these drivers were optimised for the system, and it worked for me. And once again quoting''...newest Intel's drivers may not be optimised for some system specifications, and optimised drivers should be found on manufacturers wepsite...''

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                                    This isn't about optimising the drivers for specific hardware. This is about the driver working with the operating system and DirectX. More specifically, about "some differences in how Windows 8.1 + DX11 pass scaling options to our driver which is different than older operating systems and different than DirectX9", as the guy actually making those drivers said. This is also something that the hardware manufacturers won't fix by themselves, before Intel fixes their reference drivers first. And even after that, it might take even half a year before the OEMs release their own driver version. Meanwhile, we'll have just to stick with the reference drivers. Which work perfectly well with a multitude of hardware combinations, even without OEMs putting their own frills in them. It might have happened that ASUS fixed that specific driver bug on their own, but it also might be something completely different. Pardon my scepticism, but I really doubt ASUS had made that kind of low-level code change to the driver, to a part which has nothing to do with the ASUS's own hardware, and had done it already before last April and not even reported to Intel how the fix was made. And as I said, Lenovo offers only a driver 9 months old, and it has never worked, so it doesn't help other laptop users if ASUS has a fix done. We'll have to just wait for Intel to fix the reference driver and hope it gets done soon enough. It most surely happens many many months before Lenovo publishes a new driver version. A suggestion "download the newest drivers from the laptop manufacturer" does really help nothing, because those drivers are a) very old and b) as broken as Intel's own.


                                    Bottom line: the driver is not yet fixed, and I hope the next Intel's driver release comes soon enough and has this bug corrected.

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