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    Two Hyper-V Problem on Dell All in One XPS 2720


      Agenda: I am planning to run two Hyper-v at same time in my "All In One" desktop( dell xps 2720 i7 4770s, 16gb ram, windows 8 pro 64bit)


      Recently I had a problem with my desktop and I have to reset my desktop, post reset I am trying to run two hyper-v at same time. Initially I have added the "hyper-v" feature and also I enabled hyper-threading and visualization in the bios. Although both the mandate steps are enabled but still I can't run two hyper-v at same time. As a test, when I run Hyper-v individually then it runs, however when I try to run together then it fails.


      Previously before the reset I was able to run two hyper-v's. It seems to me that something has changed accidentally. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


      BIOS Setting.

      Intel Hyper-Threading Technology     - Enabled

      Intel(R) SpeedStep Technoglogy         - Enabled

      Intel(R) Virtualization Technology    - Enabled

      CPU XD Support                - Disabled

      Limit CPUID Value            - Enabled

      Multi Core Support            - Enabled

      Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology        - Enabled


      Regards, Sidd