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    Front panel audio drivers repeatedly reports connect/disconnect



      I have a DX58SO2 board. Speakers are connected to back panel audio.

      Front panel audio is connected to HD Audio header, but most of time nothing is plugged in.

      Everything worked nicely for almost 3 years.


      About a month ago the audio drivers / Realtek HD Audio Manager started to periodically report connected/disconnected microphone and headphones on the front panel jack, when in fact nothing is connected. Sometimes it happens every minute or so, sometimes once in a few hours. I tried checking and reseating motherboard connector but it did not help.

      I was able at least to disable HD Audio dialog up popping-up in the middle of everything, so now only a balloon notifications appear.


      So the question is, is this a software glich or hardware problem? And are there any ways to fix it?

      Thank you

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          ZhenyOK, I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing audio issues on your motherboard. However the best way to find out if this is a driver or a hardware issue would be testing another front panel on the board, in order to check if it is defective.

          If the issue persists, it could be related to the audio driver or a defective motherboard.


          Unfortunately, this motherboard has been out of support since June 2013 http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-034322.htm, but is the board is still under warranty please get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit:


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            Thank you for the suggestions.

            Unfortunately I don't have another case handy, but I tried disconnecting the front panel cable altogether.

            Also flashed the latest BIOS and reinstalled the Realtek drivers.

            However, the pop-ups about the phantom connect/disconnect still happen. I think their frequency might be loosely correlated with system load (judging by CPU fan speed).

            Do you have any ideas?

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              Please check if there is any bent or broken cable.

              You can also check inside the connector to see if any of the pins are bent or loose.

              Besides that, we can only find out if the board is defective by testing another front panel.

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                In fact this was happening even with audio panel cable completely disconnected.

                But later on, I noticed serious overheating of the PC case (especially top parts and right side around the place where CPU socket is located), in particular when PC was doing some heavy video processing. I already noted above that the phantom connects/disconnects are loosely correlated with PC load level.

                So, I bought and installed a rear chassis fan, and now the case is much cooler (though the place beneath the CPU is still hotter than I would like), the CPU+chassis fans work more quiet than overstraining CPU fan was before, and phantom connects/disconnects also have disappeared. Maybe this would help someone having similar problems. Although what is strange is that the bottom part of the motherboard (where the audio circuits are located) was not overheating.

                P.S. I'm afraid someting is broken in the communities engine -- I have notifications turned on but did not receive any.

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                  A small follow-up.

                  Unfortunately, after two weeks the problem appeared again, this time without any evident overheating (even on freshly booted idle system).

                  After some trials and errors, I eventually uninstalled the Realtek drivers and kept built-in Windows 7 drivers from Microsoft. Those also had some glitches originally, in particular, they were detecting 'inverted' microphone connection, i.e. reporting 'not plugged in' when it was in fact plugged in, and vice versa. But after a couple of updates/uninstalls/reinstalls, the problem finally sorted itself out =)

                  Actually I don't know if those phantom connects/disconnects still happen and just are not reported, or the driver really has better detection code, but anyway now everything works fine (at least, they do not blink when I have audio device window open).

                  The latest driver from Realtek site (R2.73 compared to 6804 on Intel site) failed to install on my system (got timeout error). Some people suggest installing it from the safe mode but I did not tried it, because Microsoft drivers worked fine and I like less invasive look and feel better, also it has features like Room Correction.

                  P.S. The Microsoft driver I recommend is version 6.1.7601.17514 dated 19.11.2010. At some point, I tried updating the driver from within Windows and it installed some stripped-down version of from Realtek, but it did not work correctly (first of all, the set of playback and recording connections was all wrong). Happily, the standalone Realtek installation (before failing) nicely cleaned this up =))

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