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    can i upgrade my cpu?


      Hello, I have 2 Dell dimension XPS running XP PRO. Now that XP is  being non supported and Microsoft is leaving it with a major problem with wuaucit.exe running in svchost  I want to install windows 8. However, win 8 does not support my cpu because it does not have the execute disable bit. My cpu is a pentium 4, 3.2 GHZ, 800 MHZ, 512 KB cache. I am looking for  new cpu and what do I do about the BIOS. i am also trying to find information about the mother board to see if I put a new cpu is it wire so that windows can access the bit. Everyone says I need to get new machines but these cost over $3,000 new plus the software. I also have a dell inspiron 8500. I thought a simple way to  get around the svchost problem was to go to win 7 but the problem is in seven as well so I changed my browser to safari.


      any help will be greatly appreciated