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    VGA display not working




      I've been the happy user of the UX31-DH52 for over a year now. Just recently, I tried to use the mini-VGA port to no avail. The mini-HDMI port works like a charm, but the mini-VGA seems faulty or I just don't know how to use the settings.


      I have an external receiver hooked up to the laptop using the HDMI port to listen to music. It works fine both cloning or extending the screen to the receiver.


      I'm trying to hook up the laptop to an external monitor using the mini-VGA port and the proper mini-VGA to VGA adapter. I have tried a couple of VGA cables to be sure the cables were not the issue.


      Thing is, whenever I try to extend or clone the laptop to the monitor, the monitor says "no signal" for the VGA input. In the laptop display settings, I can see the external monitor, and the laptop does get the right name of the monitor so it seems to properly detect it. Sometimes, and it seems random to me, the monitor does work and I can see my laptop desktop in the monitor. Sometimes it works for hours, sometimes for a few seconds.


        If I hook up the monitor with the mini-HDMI cable, it does work. I think the monitor is fine.


      Maybe I'm doing something wrong in the laptop display settings, I really have no idea. I do have the latest Intel drivers (


      If I disable the graphics adapter in Windows devices and then I enable it, sometimes the VGA output works, but as soon as I reboot the laptop, the VGA output is no longer working.


      If I re-install the latest drivers and do not reboot, the VGA output works again, but it's gone after rebooting.


      Is it possible to get the VGA output to properly work?