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    Reboot only to sleep - DH87MC - After CMOS reset


      Reset the CMOS, got the BIOS up for a second, now get blinking power LED and board goes into sleep state after hard boot.


      Any suggestions?

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          SHC, I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with this board. However, I would need to get additional information on this behavior.


          -Do you remember which the current BIOS version of your motherboard is?

          -Are you getting any beeps from the motherboard?

          -Could you please take the board out of the chassis and test it using minimal configuration (motherboard, processor, power supply)

          - Test the system without memory and check if you are getting 3 beeps.

          - You could try to clear the CMOS again.

          -Then, include 1 memory stick and try to access the BIOS screen pressing the F2 key. Run default settings.


          Let me know the results.