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    Programs and Activities crash to desktop when processor is stressed


      Hi there, I've had this comp for a little less than a year now, and since November every time I try to run something processor-heavy, or that has lots of input of keyboards and etc the program or activity will crash to desktop. It's particularly inevitable when gaming online, but recently I haven't been able to compress a big folder with WinRar, and using Sandra to benchmark my processor has resulted in a system crash (win32k.sys). I couldn't use Kaspersky to run a online scan either. I'm really running out of places where I can ask these questions, and since I think it's hardware related, I thought I might come here. Here's my setup, along with my processor, Intel i7 3770:


      Asus P8z77-v

      Corsair CX600 CPU

      8gb DDR3 ram, lowest frequency available, 1333Hz

      ATI Radeon HD 6850

      Two SATA1 hard-drives, 250gb (location of my OS) and 500gb, (backup and general media/documents)


      I've updated my audio and network drivers, used this site's update utility to rule out other Intel components, and I'm still having issues. I ran memtest86+ for a whole 9 hours without a single error, too. I'm really sorry if this is too general of a question, but I hope you understand that I looked all over for a solution and couldn't find any. Thanks in advance