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    Keeping Screen resolution set when no display attached?


      I planned to use my NUC without a display and remote in.  When a display is connected, the NUC boots to 1920x1080 and I can remote in to a full resolution remote display.   If the display is off when the NUC boots and I remote in, I get a default VGA resolution of 640x480.  I'm using windos 8.1 home version and Team Viewer to remote in. Monitor driver is the generic Plug and Play monitor.


      Any suggestions on how to force it to stay with a resolution instead of rolling back to base video resolution when the monitor is not attached (or tell it the base video resolution is 1920x1080.





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          Hi Robj,


          I am sorry to hear you are having problems but let me help you with your query.


          This is an expected behavior because when the monitor is on the vbios will make connection with the remote software and therefore you can get the resolution set previously. When the monitor is off, the graphics controller will work with the minimum resolution and this is why when accessing remotely to the NUC you get the lowest resolution.