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    i7-3770  -  105c and only 75% load!?


      Hi, everytime I run Deep Shredder 12 (a chess program) my processor becomes very hot and remains at  95-105 celsius degrees all the time (until I close the program). However, the load is only 50-75%.

      I don't know very much about processors, but is it normal to reach the maximum temperature without being fully loaded, or is something wrong with mine?

      And there's no risk of damage if it works at these temperatures for long (as I play chess 2-3 hours/day)?


      I mention that I use the stock cooler.


      Thank you!

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          Ok, I see that my problem wasn't considered worthy of a response!

          So that I decided to change the stock cooler with a Thermaltake Contac 30.

          Indeed, the temperatures have dramatically dropped, now I can play chess at only 62C (max).

          But I still have a problem:

          - at idle, the core #4 is about 8 degrees warmer than the cores #1 and #2 (36-38C vs 28-30C) and even 14 degrees warmer than the core #3 (22-24C)

          - at full load, the difference is smaller, but still exists e.g. core #1 - 56C; core #2 - 60C ; core #3 - 57C; core #4 - 62C

          That's not only when playing chess, but also when running other programs and even Intel Diagnostic Tool.

          I know it's normal that the cores have different temperatures, but is it normal that the same is always hotter (no matter what program is running)?

          Or could it be because the thermal compound didn't spread correctly?

          Could somebody tell me how the cores are positioned (in case I decide to remove the cooler and see what happened)?

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            Hi Flok,


            I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your system but let me help you.


            In fact the temperature you were reporting before is not normal. However, the internal components and cores of the processor work independently of the others so you may notice a difference in the Cores temperature and speed but this is a normal behavior.


            In the case of having over heating problems, you can try the following steps:


            1. Check if the unit worked before. If it didn’t most likely is an integration/compatibility problem.
            2. Verify if hi low overheating siren is on after rebooting.
            3. Run PIU/ cpu diagnostics tool and Provide the results and discard possible over clocking
            4. Discard incorrect integration; fan is seated properly, remove reinstall fan, no obstructions affect the fan.
            5. Verify fan is clean from dust.
            6. Verify fan is connected to correct header
            7. Check fan speed and noise: ticking, high pitch, erratic noise.
            8. Update BIOS
            9. Reapply TIM