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    BSP Updates


      The only trully released BSP for the Galileo appears to be 0.7.5. It is where new users are directed.


      As is pretty commonly known, 0.8.0 is also available - and is the one I have invested many hours in building my own image.


      0.9.0 is now available. What to do... What to do...


      I clearly want solutions to identified problems, and I am delighted to see signs that someone within Intel is working on fixing problems.

      But now what... Is there any delta process for us to upgrade to the next release (0.9.0) without starting over? Any suggestions?


      As another user mentioned, we can isolate changes to our home directory by using a separate filesystem for /home,

      but that does not help with other packages installed in /bin and /usr/local - for example.PP

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          I would be happy if someone could tell me: If it is possible to update from older BSP to a newer just by coping the contents of a newer archive over the old installation on my host computer or if I really need to build everything up from scratch?


          About the problem with packages in /bin, /usr/local, etc.:

          Intel did a very professional decision here - the Quark hasn't the power to compile everything. (I compiled ffmpeg on the Galileo, it took around 4 hours and I had to setup a swap partion on the SD card ( ! ). So they choose Yocto, giving you a powerful tool (the Poky/BSP stuff) to do everything on a host computer. The idea is: You don't configure/make on the Galileo, instead you create a recipe and let a powerful computer do the job.


          That is the way professionals do embedding programming: Set up a build environment on a dedicated build machine and only transfer the image to the Galileo. The image should contain everything you need, ready to be deployed in 1000's of Galileos.


          The bad thing:

          This forum demonstrates, we are not that kind of professionals, we want to play with the Galileo. We don't put a Galileo in a gray box and leave it alone while doing its job for the next 5 years. But that is the idea behind Yocto.

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            Clayton Hofrock

            Where do we find out about the new releases? Is there a link to the 0.9.0 BSP? I would be willing to give it a try.

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              Has anybody successfully build the BSP 0.9.0?

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                yes i have, but my ethernet does not work any longer, could be my mistakes, i cant be sure. ethernet worked fine in 0.7.5

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                  To get the ethernet working, I had to update flash/firmware with v0.9.0 *.cap.


                  I will add some more info for those who want to SD boot v0.9.0 with previous firmware.


                  1. Build using Yocto and copy the files to SDCARD.

                  1. On the SDCARD, edit boot/grub/grub.conf with the following changes.

                  • Replaced $EARLY_CON_ADDR_REPLACE with 0x8010f000

                  2. Renamed image-full-galileo-clanton.ext3 with image-full-clanton.ext3 on the SDCARD

                  2. Boot into the new image. Ethernet will not work.

                  3. Generated new Flash-missingPDAT.cap using v0.9.0

                  4. Flashed v0.9.0 Flash-missingPDAT.cap using steps in "Programming flash using Linux* run-time system"

                  5. On the SDCARD, edit boot/grub/grub.conf

                  • Replaced 0x8010f000 with $EARLY_CON_ADDR_REPLACE (not sure if this is needed)

                  6. Boot into the new image. Ethernet working.

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                    I am still really hoping Intel provides a firmware update for 0.8.0 and 0.9.0. It really bugs me that reset does not work with 0.8.0, and I don't want to risk my 0.8.0 build by generating my own .cap file.

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                      Not to convince anyone to do the same, I went from 0.7.5 to 0.9.0. Honestly, I was hesitant at first but went ahead anyway.

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                        and how did you figure that out ... well done, been using wifi, never really missed ethernet ;P

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                          It really bugs me that reset does not work with 0.8.0


                          It actually does, but you need to update the SPI image, just booting off the SD card with 0.8.0 is not enough.

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                            Thanks Alex - but that is why I said I hoped Intel would be providing a firmware update for the later builds.

                            I will build my own SPI image when I get irked enough to risk my full build. Switching between ULIBC and GLIBC seems to do really bad things to my builds.

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                              I have the same issue on my image built on BSP 0.9.0. Reset (Reboot) does not work.

                              Do we have any workaround to reboot the device? I have to disconnect then connect power cable to reboot the device.

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                                KPO: I think everyone agrees that reset will work if you build an SPI image, and follow the instructions in the BSP to update the firmware from your build.

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                                  Well, I must be not one of the everyone.

                                  Anyone know where BSP 0.9.0 SPI image is or how to build the SPI image?

                                  I am using SD card image that I built with BSP 0.9.0 and Reset doesn't work with that. 

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