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    SCI/SMI GPI port Linux software support


      Hello to all,


      i would like to ask you about possible experience or status of GPI port software support in Linux kernel.

      Latest NUC boards based with Haswell CPUs have system Custom Solutions Header connector with GPI pins. Although in Technical product specs is stated, that it is supposed to some Windows direct application launch feature, I would have perfect usage for that signal in dedicated custom computers with those boards and customized Linux. It would be great as interface from keypressed button, which can be checked during system startup and optionally reset some system settings, particularly misconfigured network. Ideal software interface should be in /sys/class, like Raspberry PI GPIOs for instance.

      I've not tried those new boards yet, but have very good experience with previous models. And this GPI usability would be very nice new feature besides other improvements like onboard Serial ATA port.


      Best regards,


      Michal Smucr