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    No bluetooth with 7260HWM BN WB


      I'm not exactly sure, but when I purchase this product it specifically say that it has bluetooth 4.0 (http://products.ncix.com/detail/intel-dual-band-wireless-n-7260-plus-bluetooth-ultra-wi-fi-adapter-a4-91065.htm). I've installed it into my NUC W34010WYK, I can not "see" the bluetooth device at all in Ubuntu 13.10 or with Windows 8.1.


      With Windows 8.1 there's no bang in any devices, but there's also no Bluetooth section either. The card shows up under Network Adapter and wireless is working for me, so I'm pretty confident I've installed the card correctly. I followed the NUC integration guide and plug the black wire into the "main" and the white wire into the "aux". I've install the latest Bluetooth drivers for this card, with out success, which makes sense since it doesn't even show up in device manager.


      I'm not sure if this device is defective, if this model even comes with Bluetooth (though everywhere I search say that it should), or something I'm missing. Any help would be appreciated.