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    D34010WYK lip sync issues




      I have previously bought an Intel NUC D34010WYK to use as an HTPC. Most of the time I use Windows Media Center to watch Recorded/Live TV. I have a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro x64 with Media Center with the default Windows media Center Codecs.


      My TV connected driectly to hdmi port and the brand is LG 47SL9500. From my TV I use optical out to my pioneer 5.1 receiver (My receaver has no hdmi connection)


      My problem is that audio and video is out of sync. The audio comes after the video (at least 100ms), especially when the TV broadcast is sent with Dolby Digital audio, stereos sound is almost in sync.


      I live in Sweden and the broadcast standard here is: H.264/AVC/MPEG-4 with variable bitrate 4-16 Mbit/s. The resolution is 720p@50fps and the audio is either 5.1 Dolby Digital (AC3) 448 kbit/s or Dolby Digtal Plus (Enhanced AC3) or stereo HE-AAC@80kbit/s.


      My Resolution is set to 1080P@50hz. All post processing in LG TV is turned off.


      I have installed all latest drivers from Intel, graphic version (, audio version ( Latest BIOS from 2013-12-24 I have NOT installed Windows Update Graphics driver as I have read that could lead to synchronization problem with the audio driver.


      My previous HTPC was an almost 5 year old Asrock ION 330-HT (1st gen Intel Atom Nvidia ION). Connected to the very same TV and hdmi port and same resolution and receiver running the same OS and Media Center. It had no audio delays at all. The only difference is that it had optical out connected directly to the receiver.


      My TV has no settings for audio sync. and I am experiencing the same audio delay if I only use the internal TV speakers. I can't see any settings for audio delay adjustments in Intel Control Panel.


      Is the NUC hdmi sound incompatible with my TV or is it a bug in intel drivers or a bug in LG hdmi sound. Do I have to by an external usb sound card with optical out to get this working.


      I appreciate all the help i can get as it is VERY annoying with lip sync problems.