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    Configuring the /dev/ttyS0 Serial Port in Linux


      While this information can be derived from Galileo GPIO documentation and might be available elsewhere in bits and pieces, I wrote this post for everyone's convenience:




      Please let me know if you have any feedback

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          Hi SergeyK,


          I followed your blog to setting GPIO pin 4,40,41.

          But when I want to send the string through /dev/ttyS0( echo -n "123">/dev/ttyS0 ),the client receive the wrong string(send "123",receive "g? " ).

          I used the oscilloscope to measure the TX and RX Galileo side to compare the signal between galileo and client send a character "1".

          The signals are reverse!!


          I used the "stty -F /dev/ttyS0 -a" to see the baud rate is 9600 same with client.

          Does any setting I miss?


          my circuit as below ,

          Galileo TX     => pin2(RXD)

          Galileo RX    => pin3(TXD)

          Galileo GND => pin5(GND)



          and how can i receive the data from client?  "cat /dev/ttyS0"?