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        We would like to engage this issue individually since any further testing involves providing personal information and details of your system that should not be publicly disclosed.

        At this moment the private messages are not available. It is for this reason that we encourage to create a web ticket or contact us through the options provided above (in post 10) and make reference of this community thread.


          I would also like to chime in on this.


          My company recently started purchasing Dell E7240 and E7440 laptops. These all use the Intel 7260-N or "Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless AC-7260" Wireless adapters.   Without exception, they all randomly disconnect from the network.  Or, almost more confusingly, they will all display a warning exclamation mark on the wireless icon in the alert bar and indicate that there's an "internet connectivity issue" but you're able to connect and surf normally.


          Fortunately most people in this office use their laptops in docking stations about 98% of the time, but on the odd occasion they take their laptops into a meeting they may or may not remain connected to the local domain.


          So far this is happening on 4 E7240 and 12 E7440 laptops.


            I will happily share any and all information publicly if it helps others with this issue. There is no reason that solving this issue should or needs to be done in private. Seems like a better use of everyone's time if a solution is publicly available. I'm pretty sure my personal details are not needed to solve a technical issue. Please let me know what information I can provide to help you get to the bottom of this. That said, I will also call customer service on Monday, record the conversation and share my experience.


              i tried your 3 contacts , only email worked, i dont get it how did intel released this card KNOWING it had so many problems, i mean, its only realistic intel knew about the issues before hand selling right?, you wouldn't just throw anything with the name intel on it and expect it to resolve itself right?, im seriously dissapointed and mad , my asus gl551 is an amazing gaming rig, but without the decent stable lagless unchoppy connection i cant use it more than a overexpensive netbook....


                I would like to emphasize about making reference of this community thread when contacting the support representative because, as of now, we have not received any reports indicating so.


                  Dear joe_intel


                  I just bought a Dell Latitude E7440 for about two weeks and facing the wifi disconnect problem (my computer is very close to the router). Is there any solution for this issue?


                    If you have tried all other recommendations given before, I suggest you creating a ticket by contacting the support staff as indicated in the first page, post 10.


                      Quick edit on this post.  The previous solution I had reference roaming aggressiveness didn't work well.  That being said, what IS working for me is a modification to the security settings.  I switched from AES to TKIP and it I have had NO issues at all.


                      Right Click on the network connection you're having issues with (e.g. HOME-..., MyWiFINetwork)

                      Go to Properties

                      Under Security, change Encryption type to TKIP.


                      I've been using this for a few days and I have yet to have a disconnect.


                        I just now registered for this forum, simply to reply to this thread.


                        @msven: THANK YOU for posting what worked for you. I tried it, and it works for me too. After switching from AES to TKIP, I'm going on 36+ hours now with no apparent connection drops, so I'm feeling confident that the workaround is successful. Whew!


                        If this also works for other people, then perhaps it would help the Intel engineers focus their debugging efforts accordingly.


                        A little more detail...


                        The frequent-WiFi-connection-drops problem started happening to me a few months ago after upgrading the Intel PROSET/Wireless driver and software. I can't remember if it started after I upgraded to Dell-supplied drivers (I realize that I should officially stick with them, being I own a Dell), or after I installed the generic Intell drivers and software.


                        Anyhow, fast-forward to now.... When applying the workaround of AES->TKIP, I switched to "Use Windows to Manage WiFi" to simplify troubleshooting. Normally just that step wouldn't fix the problem, which means the issue lay in the driver software somewhere, not the PROSET/Wireless WiFi management software.


                        When switching away from AES, I noticed that I had been using some kind of Intel version of AES; Windows Wireless Network Properties for the access point SSID showed Security Type = "Intel - WPA2/PSK - 802.11w". To get TKIP as an option, I had to switch to a Security Type without "Intel" in it - just plain old "WPA2-Personal". There's also AES listed for that, and perhaps it works now, not being Intel, but I haven't tried.


                        In Windows "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Manage Wireless Networks", for the Security column, it used to say "Vendor Defined", but after the switch, now shows just "WPA2-Personal". Cool.


                        Apparently, leaving Intel's encryption routines and using Windows' standard TKIP encryption does the trick, at least for me.


                        Anyone: please chime in here if this works for you too!

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                          Awesome!  I'm glad it worked!


                          Interesting reference the details you provided.  I had to send my laptop in for repairs but am going to check into that when I get it back (hopefully soon).

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                            Interesting thread. I have a new Dell Latitude E5540, Win7Pro 64-bit with the Intel AC-7260 adapter, it has been rock solid stable and smoking fast since the day I first booted it up. I have Intel driver dated 06/18/2014 installed, connecting to an Asus RT-AC56U AC1200 router. If anyone has questions about the configuration I use, I'd be glad to try and help.


                            I found this thread because I installed a Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I wireless/bluetooth PCIe card, which uses the AC-7260, in my Win8.1 64-bit desktop computer. I had the random disconnects initially using the Gigabyte drivers provided on the CD w/the card. I reseated the card, then uninstalled and reinstalled it with Intel driver downloaded here- https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=24576


                            The disconnects have stopped and it's at least stable now, although I am not seeing the data transfer rate that I'd like to see. It seems to hang around 200MBps or less. I'm still tweaking the desktop trying to get the data rate up......will post back if I find anything that helps... 

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                              Steve I agree completely. I've gotten backlash from Intel shills who peruse this board when mentioning a class action for the 7260. They know the card is bad and best I can tell Intel is waiting for the soonest moment possible to (legally) to EOL this dog.

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                                Just thought i'd share my experience with this card


                                We have also been experiencing issues with this particular WiFi Card.


                                But we don't believe it's a software issue. We run a corporate network using Dell E7440s and E7420s (approx 300 - 400 laptops), all using the same wifi card; and so far we've had about 4 - 5 of these reporting issues with the wifi not connecting to our network.


                                After repeated rebuilds (we use a standard image build through out our office), the problem does not go away. Even with updates to the latest software drivers / and using factory default image. The problem seems to happen more often when starting up from a low power state. We have our systems disable the wifi card on the laptop when it is docked at a docking station. When the unit is undocked the wifi should reinitialize. It does to some degree, it would turn on, but refuse to detect wifi networks. or is unable to connect to the wifi network. It's almost like it is unable to broadcast out to handshake with our AP. We would have to turn it off completely with the wifi switch on the laptop. or restart the computer for the card to reinitialize correctly. We would also experience the wifi card suddenly drop connections, and unable to reconnect.


                                We concluded it had to be a manufacturing fault with a small percentage of them, otherwise we'd be having issues with all our laptops in the office. We replaced the suspect wifi cards with another 7260 card, or a different intel model N-6200. Now everything works (both on 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz).

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                                  Soooo.....I received a Dell E7440 from my company.  I have had the same issues as everyone else.  Updated all the drivers and software etc....Nothing.  I even let windows manage my wireless settings versus the Intel application. I noticed a bit of a battle between the 2.  I saw the suggestions to run a repair on the Intel application and I tried to do that but inadvertently uninstalled it instead.  Whoopsie!!  It has worked flawlessly since the moment the uninstall was complete.  I have pinged the heck out of yahoo with zero loss.  I think I used to get about 50 pings before it started failing and resetting the wireless hardware.



                                  PS - I don't recommend dropping to TKIP just because it works. I didn't read all the messages so I am not sure if this was resolved. Sorry if this is repetition.

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                                    For me uninstalling Intel® PROSet/Wireless Application solved this issue as well. (Dell Latitude E5540, win7 prof 64b)


                                    I must add that it had been working well several days before this issue occurred, but after that no attempt to make PROset cooperate with Windows wireless manager succeeded, so uninstalling seemed like the only option.


                                    BTW, what is this software intended for anyway? It can save wifi credentials, just like Windows can, make some profiles perhaps. And what else? According Windows Add/remove programs utility it's size was over 100 MB. The only (disputable) benefit while using it were nicely verbose notifications about new connections an its details (which in the end was just perpetually swapping bubbles saying Connected to / Disconnected from in about minute interval).