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      I have never been so unhappy with windows products in my life. I have just spent $2,633 on two new computers one is a HP Split X2 Ultrabook with a 7260-N Wireless card. While the other is a Sony VAIO SVT212 with a 7260-N Dual Band Card. I have had nothing but trouble with these wireless cards and there constant disconnects all they keep doing is staying connected for about an hour and then switching over to limited connectivity both computers are on Windows 8.1 and both have been reinstalled in order to verify that the original factory installed copy of windows wasn't corrupt and causing the wireless problem. Here's the thing intel keeps releasing drivers that are never fixing this problem there are multiple complaints about this on the forums... I personally have tried... the beta driver 16.8 as well as driver 16.7 as well as drivers 16.5 and 16.6 now the Microsoft built in driver seems to be the most stable meaning it doesn't disconnect but it doesn't work correctly either it hardly has any signal and usually drops to 2 bars plus it is a way slower connection meaning on intel drivers I get my full 100mbs internet connection on microsoft's I get 70mbs and then it drops to 40mbs and so forth. I can't believe that this isn't being fixed yet what is wrong with your guys I spent all this money im sure if I was a big shot in your company this would be fixed in a second lol.... Get working on this its horrible. Im going to post references to all other threads talking about the problems not only do the 7260-n's suffer from disconnects but your 7260-ac's also do too.


      here's the links to millions of other threads on these problems...... Honestly im about ready to dispute these charges with my credit card company since I can't use these computers properly and if you say that I should buy an external WIFI adapter that isn't a good answer you guys should fix the problem or replace these faulty unstable network cards in everyone's pc believe me intel has enough money to do that.


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          I used to have this speed and limited problem with my Sony Vaio Pro 13 equipped with Intel Dual Band 7260N until about a month ago. After some Windows updates, driver updates for chipset, etc. and the, my Vaio Pro's connection is now rock stable and I can even transfer 20 GB of data wirelessly and it never slows down at all. Both 5 GHz band and 2.4 GHz band never disconnect nor gets stuck at 6 Mbps even after 2 days of continuous connection. I'm currently on the, 16.8 official Dell drivers and this driver is just as stable as while giving a bit higher throughput. I see this problem more commonly on people who replaced the card themselves rather than OEM preinstalled 7260 cards. Intel probably knows that the issue doesn't affect those with the 7260 OEM certified laptop models that much compared to those who replaced their cards since Intel designed their 7260 series cards with Haswell and OEM collaboration after all. Well, people who is writing stuff here are mostly users who replaced their cards with 7260 and then complain that they have problems. Intel doesn't give support to those people unfortunately.


            ComputerSteve, I am really sorry to know about your issue.


            Would you like to comment if this happens in 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz? You may also want to try updating the router’s firmware if possible.


            Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.


              I have to re-iterate the sentiment of ComputerSteve that I've never been so frustrated with a computer in my life. I bought a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro with the Intel 7260-N adapter running Windows 8.1 64-bit and its been nothing but trouble for since Christmas 2013. I don't think its stayed connected for more than 1/2 hour at a time since then. I've updated software/drivers from Lenovo, Microsoft, Intel upto the latest Intel and it still doesn't work.


              Right now I am connected to the net via ethernet-USB dongle and its extremely frustrating.


              It is definitely disappointing that Lenovo/Intel/Microsoft combination of this computer is so expensive $1400 and its quality is among the worst I have ever seen. Now its too late to return this computer so I am stuck with it until someone in either of these companies fixes the issue.


              Link 11: Re: Yoga 2 Pro Wifi Problems - Page 73 - Lenovo Community -- 73 pages of discussions of problems with the Intel 7260N adapter! Seriously?


                Hi ComputerSteve,


                my solution was to use Linux: I have no troubles (just some issues ;-) ) running under Linux with kernel 3.11 and 3.13. You should probably try live usb to test it, if your Windows SecureBoot stuff let you do this :-)


                I don't know, if I'll write now some revolutionary things, but I guess the straight forward solution would be to buy some mainly used routers to test compatibility (e.g. TP-Link 1043ND is very popular in Germany). It is investment of 2000-3000$ and you are on the right side.


                Best regards, toxa


                  I have a Dell Latitude E7440 and I'm facing exactly the same problem. It keeps on losing dropping the connection.

                  I have tried Mixed band, 2.4 and 5 GHz it behaves the same for all.

                  I have also updated the drivers to

                  My old Dell which doesn't have the dual band wireless works perfectly fine.


                  The second issue is the signal strength. Where my old Dell gets good or excellent signal quality E7440 gets poor or fair.


                  Can you please help.


                    lhr2624, does this happen when you are close to the router in direct line of sight? In your case this could be an integration or hardware issue.


                      When I'm closer to the router the signal strength does improve.


                      I reset my router and set the channel to 6 (it was Auto previously) the disconnections have decreased significantly.

                      However, when I'm not in direct sight of the router the signal strength drops and so the speed. Which doesn't happen on my older Dell.


                      I'v a Netgear VMDG280 router which was supplied by Virgin Media. Are you aware of any hardware compatibility issues for Intel dual band Wireless-AC 7260 ?

                      Are there any recommended routers?


                        I believe we have finally worked out the problem AND the solution,


                        The Intel Proset software is at fault with only particular routers and when the notebook is low on power.

                        This is why its been a pain to resolve - most routers are OK.

                        The Proset software will conflict with, in our case, Windows 8.1 and glitches in the Proset registry section. This conflict is permanent if you attach to the offending router making Proset unaware of the WiFi card.



                        Repair the proset tool (by going in to control panel/programs and features - and hit repair when the proset program is selected) and THEN update to the latest version, 17 in our case - Repairing first is the critical part.


                        This may not work for everyone - BUT I have been dealing with this issue for the past year and have FINALLY got it resolved.


                        PS the offending Router is from iinet Australia - and is called a BOB.

                        • 9. Re: INTEL CONSTANT WIFI DISCONNECTS *WE SHOULD SUE*

                          NeilH's fix did not work for me. Still getting occasional disconnects on the latest drivers 7.0.6 and 7.1.0. It's been almost a year and this issue isn't fixed. Hoping for a class action lawsuit cause this is ridiculous.

                          • 10. Re: INTEL CONSTANT WIFI DISCONNECTS *WE SHOULD SUE*

                            You may want to review the wireless security encryption used with your wireless network. We suggest WPA2-AES instead of older encryption types.

                            Intel WiFi Products — Data Rate Will Not Exceed 54 Mbps When WEP or TKIP Encryption is Configured


                            It is advised to get the latest driver from the system manufacturer and avoid interference in your wireless environment by using a different channel or band.

                            Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Possible interference by other wireless devices may impact 802.11n performance


                            You can also contact Intel support for further troubleshooting.


                            Phone: 1-916-377-7000, Monday – Friday, 07:00 to 17:00 (US Pacific Time)

                            Live Chat

                            E-mail Form



                            Intel Customer Support

                            • 11. Re: INTEL CONSTANT WIFI DISCONNECTS *WE SHOULD SUE*

                              The latest generic driver we provide is version 17.1.0 but it is possible your system manufacturer has provided a newer one; so, it is recommended to check with them.

                              Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software — Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software downloads


                              Please disable uAPSD in the wireless adapter properties (Device Manager) as explained in the article.

                              Intel® Wi-Fi Products — TechNote: Access Point Interoperability Issue with uAPSD


                              Do you see the issue occurring in 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz? Does it happen when connected to a different Wi-Fi network or router?

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                                Hi Joe,

                                I am using the 5ghz frequency. I also have uAPSD turned off. I have been scouring the forums on a regular basis. If you look at the number of threads, you will clearly see that there is no fix provided by Intel or the community that completely resolves this issue. I have tried every driver available and have moved to a AzureWave Broadcom BCM94352HMB card out of desperation which works flawlessly but would like to move back to the 7260AC card because I get better range when it is working. 90% of the time, I am about 10 feet from my access point and have full signal but I still get the "limited connectivity" issue every few hours. My access point is a Asus AC68U with current firmware. The only fix is to disable the adapter and then re-enable it.


                                At work, I have at least four other users with this card. They are also on the latest driver and suffer from this same issue. We use Rukus wireless dual band N access points but I don't know the specific model number off the top of my head. Is this issue at the hardware level and unresolvable via a driver update?

                                • 13. Re: INTEL CONSTANT WIFI DISCONNECTS *WE SHOULD SUE*

                                  Any tests I can run for you? Can I give you any diagnostic info so that you can resolve this issue? Please, give me some guidance so we can both put this issue behind us.

                                  • 14. Re: INTEL CONSTANT WIFI DISCONNECTS *WE SHOULD SUE*

                                    The reason the Broadcom BCM4352 has less bars than Intel 7260 is because Broadcom shows THE SIGNAL STRENGTH OF YOUR LAPTOP while Intel shows THE SIGNAL STRENGTH OF THE ACCESS POINT when connected. At very long range (45 - 50 feet with 5 walls) I get similar download transfer rate (10 - 20 MEGABYTES/sec) from wired server to WiFi on both Intel 7260 and Broadcom even though Intel shows 2-3 bars while Broadcom only shows 1 bar! Intel is slightly faster on the upload speed (around 500 KB/s to 1 MB/s faster) than Broadcom since it has higher transmit power than Broadcom, allowing for more range that you see. Both WiFi cards are 100% STABLE.

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