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    Anybody using Windows XP Professional x64 Edition?


      Do I really have to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.1? Will I lose anything if I don't?


      I really don't want to waste time learning how to do exactly the same things I already know how to do. I'm not bothered about operating systems. I am more interested in continuing to use all the excellent software I already use. I bought an NUC for a speed and power upgrade.


      I don't know if my x64 edition will install yet as I am waiting for memory to arrive.

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          I've not tried XP on NUCs but from my experience you'll have to set the legacy boot in the BIOS first, as WinXP might not start on UEFI. Besides that, there is no official driver for WinXP in Haswell NUCs Download Center -- WinXP could potentially start on the default drivers. As a workaround, you may try using WinXP drivers for Ivy Bridge NUCs Download Center


          Hope that helps

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            Keveen, the support we provided for Windows XP is limited due to discontinuance of operating system. The drivers are provide on the web site As is, however if you experience any issue running XP on your NUC we are not going to be able to assist you with it.


            It is very important to check if the software you are using, will work on Windows 7 or Windows 8. There are some applications or software made to work only on an XP environment.



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              OK. thanks. What about performance? Is there any difference using xp x64 and Windows 7 or 8?


              I have no reality feedback yet as I am STILL waiting for my memory from Amazon! Can't wait to use this amazing desktop replacement...


              It doesn't cost too much to upgrade but I could buy another 8GB of memory with that money . Yes the drivers might be a problem.

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                It's difficult to quantify, but Windows 7 x64 performance is definitely better than that of Windows XP x64 - and is more energy efficient to boot. It's also more secure (if you can put up with UAC).


                With the NUC products, we are not validating Windows XP at all. It is only happenstance that driver support for Windows XP is there at all. If the driver packages come to us with support for Windows XP included, fine, we pass it along. We are not asking them to continue to provide this support, however, likely they will stop supporting it soon as well.


                More important than the trending lack of availability for drivers is the fact that Microsoft is not going to be testing for or providing security updates. Vulnerabilities are discovered almost daily and your security will definitely degrade. You can stave this off for a short while using browsers, firewalls, etc. from other companies and organizations that are still providing Windows XP support and security updates, but you have to ask yourself how long these companies are really going to continue to support Windows XP after Microsoft drops it...



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                  Thanks for the feedback. I'll try Windows 7 as it looks the cleanest interface of the two. I just wanted to avoid time wasting ie learning to do the same things as before!! It is just an operating system, it doesn't do anything useful or productive. Like many people I already have lots of excellent apps many of them open source or free like Irfranview for image management. And Sandboxie which apparently is not compatible with Windows 8. I can't work without that program.