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    D54250WYK Windows 8.1 low memory error


      Hi, I have the D54250WYK with Windows 8.1 and after leaving it on at the desktop doing nothing for a while, I'll get a low memory error.

      My setup is:

      Memory is Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB BLS2K8G3N169ES4.

      Clean install with Windows 8.  Upgraded to Windows 8.1.

      Latest BIOS and Intel drivers installed.  All Windows Update installed.

      Enabled "Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays."

      Disabled Sleep.


      Restarted computer.  Left on desktop and do nothing overnight.  In morning, turn on monitor and there's a low memory error on screen.  Task manager shows more than 14GB of ram free.  I can reproduce this consistently.  Reinstalling windows did not fix the issue.


      I am not running any full screen applications or games (simply left on the desktop with no applications running) so I'm not sure if it's the same issue others are having.

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          I have this same error on the D54250WYK with windows 8.1. the only difference is i have different memory i am using 8gb of http://www.scan.co.uk/products/8gb-(2x4gb)-corsair-value-select-ddr3-so-dimm-pc3-12800-(1600)-204-pin-non-ecc-unbuffered-cas-11-11-



          everything else working a treat really.


          i know i am not running out of memory and its not a program with a memory leak. the only things i can think of it being is bios or graphic driver problem??


          Any help would be gd

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            I am sorry to hear you are having problem but let me do my best to help you out.


            In order to start providing information or troubleshooting steps, can you please post a clear image of the error message? Are there any specific steps to do in order to reproduce it besides leaving the computer idle? Can you post the dxdiag report here?


            DxDiag report: Start menu> type in “dxdiag”> Save> copy/paste here.

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              I don't have my own screenshot offhand but it looks the same as the warning posted in



              I've also seen this other message below (also not mine) but only once.  Same condition, no programs open.

              I am SO not out of memory. - Microsoft Community


              There are no other steps since it was a clean install of Windows.  I left it idle for a little while and the next time I checked, the message had appeared.  After getting it for a few days, I tried reinstalling but the issue was still there.


              I've attached my dxdiag but it was generated over a remote desktop connection.  Let me know if that affects the output and I can regenerate it when I get home.



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                i also have no screens and i have not been able to replicate it when using the NUC.


                there are a few errors where it will say close internet explorer and skype, or close chrome or close outlook different every time depending on what is running. some times it does not say close any programs just that i should save all work and restart.


                included my DxDiag



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                  Unfortunately/Fortunately this problem is not unique to the NUC. In our Labs we have found that "a number" of our new Haswell rigs are demonstrating the same behaviour. The offending item is w3wp.exe which is incorrectly flagging a virtual memory condition (ie a Microsoft problem) and the new Intel HDxxxx drivers (particularly Iris) that sends w3wp.exe down the wrong path. If you uninstall the Intel drivers all the way back to the stock MS VGA driver the problem will go away or if you attach some form of "VGA terminator" to the HDMI port the problem will go away. So "headless" is the problem and its reared its ugly head many times in different ways since the Intel HDxxxx integrated graphics appeared on the market. Even Apple have had problems with their Mac Minis in recent years.


                  If you would like to build your own "VGA terminator" simply buy an HDMI to VGA (female) adapter on eBay. A handful of 68-100 ohm resistors from Radio Shack and assemble your own "dongle" like this The 30 Second Dummy Plug

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                    I have the same problems. In my case I get a couple of daily warnings in the Event log (as I think it's named in English)


                    Source (or Name?): Resource-Exhaustion-Detector

                    EventID: 2004


                    I also get a lot of other strange errors that perhaps is related


                    Source: Kernel-Processor-Power (Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Processor-Power)

                    EventID: 37

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                      I'm also having this problem on my NUC Kit D34010WYK with Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB DDR3 ram and a fresh install of Win 8.1. I have applied all the recent updates for both hardware and software as of 2014-02-13 and this low memory popup still appears every hour the system is on. It even happens when the system is in use. My NUC is an HTPC and this popup appears right in the middle of movies, so you can just imagine how frustrating it can be.


                      However, I can confirm that this issue is not apparent on Windows 8, only 8.1. As a temporary solution, I have had to downgrade the system. Still, I do hope that Intel (or maybe Microsoft) can do something about this problem.

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                        What is the "downgrade" you applied?  I've the same problem, running my HDMI out through a Onkyo receiver (so the HDMI port as seen my my d54250wyk would often be disconnected from the Samsung television).


                        Is what crhendo suggested (going back to the MS VGA driver) what you mean?  And if so...do you not lose HDMI audio as a consequence?




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                          I downgraded to Windows 8 from Windows 8.1 since it does not have the same issue.

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                            For what it's worth to those of you vexed by this problem (hopefully Microsoft/Intel sort out the driver issue).


                            I don't run headless, but as an HTPC my monitor "disconnects" when I switch off the amp (which has an HDMI switch)...so I do see this problem.


                            I attached a VGA terminator to the Display Port (as linked by @crhendo, though my solution required soldering as my 100ohm resistors do not have thick enough wire!) .


                            In Windows, I then set the resolution for this new "monitor" to match the HDMI-connected monitor, configured as "Extend desktop to this display".  Left overnight, I no longer see this memory error message.

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                              I have the Intel Core i5-4250U NUC BOXD54250WYKH1 and my plan was to use this as a media center PC.  This means I have it to hook it up to my Sony amp which goes off when I am not watching TV.  I also switch to other boxes (Chromecast and Xbox One) so I need to have the HMDI out or I will not get sound. 


                              This is very disappointing but nice to know root cause of the issue.


                              If anyone gets a solution please keep us posted.

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                                Agreed, makes the NUC, which is part is aimed at HTPC users who use HDMI with a receiver that is going to be shut off, so much more frustrating.   This is especially frustrating as it is addition to the issue that you can't have Windows Audio set to 5.1 (with exclusive mode enabled) and Media Center set to 5.1 when using HDMI audio or TV playback will fail.  If you do and lose passthrough/exclusive mode, then windows channel mapping will get messed up after a time or two of shutting down the receiver.
                                Really hoping that the driver team will help make me stop regretting buying the NUC for my new HTPC setup.

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                                  I'm on a D54250WYK running Windows 8.1 with 8GB Ram, HDMI through my Yamaha RXV376  to LG TV. I was getting the "Low Memory" error everytime I switched off my TV screen and switched it back on again.


                                  As I'm almost exclusively using my NUC as a XBMC HTPC, my solution was to switch the shell to XBMC and I haven't had the low memory error since.


                                  I hope this helps someone :-)

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                                    Something else to try to work around the issue.  It's worked for me so far but it's only been a few hours.  I have high hopes though!


                                    Let's just disable the Windows Resource Exhaustion Detection.  Downside is we won't get the warning when our system is actually low on memory.


                                    1. Click the Start button and type "gpedit.msc" then enter to search for and launch the Local Group Policy Editor.  Alternatively launch using the run dialog with Windows+R.
                                    2. In the Console Tree navigate to:
                                      • Computer Configuration
                                        • Administrative Templates
                                          • System
                                            • Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
                                              • Windows Resource Exhaustion Detection and Resolution
                                    3. In the right pane double-click Configure Scenario Execution Level
                                    4. Select Disabled from the radio buttons and then click OK.


                                    Let me know if this works for you.

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