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    Have to reset BIOS to Default every time I switch out a drive?


      During my long debacle with trying to set up RAID 1 on my new Dell XPS 8700, Intel 8 Series C220 - Z87, I ran into this problem and want to know if it is a faulty motherboard or is it typical:


      Last week Windows stopped seeing some of the new HDs that I installed. BIOS was able to see them. SATA Ports that affected were 2, 3, 4. Ports 0 and 1 were working. Dell tech came home, replaced the motherboard and all ports were working again. But now I added three more hard drives again, to Ports 2, 3, 4 and Ports 1, 2, and 3 stopped working again. The only ones working were Ports 0 and 4. Dell will replace the motherboard again. This is all in AHCI, I did not changed it back to RAID during this debacle.


      Last night I noticed that if I go into BIOS and and Reset to Default BIOS settings, the SATA ports came back alive and all my HDs are visible again. Is this typical? My concern is, I will set up RAID 1 soon and I should be ok, until if a HD fails and I need to remove it from the array and put a new one back in. At that time, I may have the same problem again where the HD becomes invisible and I need to reset BIOS to Default, which will most likely wipe out the RAID due to defaulting to AHCI.


      Has anyone had this issue before? How do I work around this?


      Thank you.

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          Hi nash1234,


          I am sorry to hear you are having problems but let me help you.


          This is a strange behavior that seems to be a board problem. I recommend checking all bios and chipset software are up to date.

          In regards the Raid question, if you set a RAID and at any point you need to reset the bios, in fact it will change the chipset mode from RAID to AHCI; however, the HDDs are still under a volume and the structure of the Array will be in the drives so all you need to do is to change the Chipset mode back to RAID and by doing that you can boot again the volume. Basically resetting the bios to default will not make you lose the RAID.