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    Problems with FW23 (i5 Nuc D54250WYK)




      I flashed my i5 Haswell Nuc with the latest FW23. Now, my power button won't start the Nuc anymore. The button still works, while the Nuc is on, that means I can still hard reset the Nuc or power it off with the button.


      Also with the latest FW there are still problems with USB 3.0 Sticks - sometimes they are recognised, most times not.


      I've flashed back to FW22, but the power button bug remains!


      I've never had such issues with 3rd gen Nucs.


      I already found similar threads. I didn't try the mentioned workaround, as it happend only after updating to FW23. So this must be somehow related...


      Is someone working on a fix? Should I send my Nuc to Intel, or get my money back, as this problem can't be solved?