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    Resolution limit with triple display


      i use suse linux 13.1.


      i have an optimus system so nvidia (NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 620M) and intel graphic (intel 4000) card in my lenovo s430 laptop ( Core i5-3210M)



      xrandr --listproviders

      Providers: number : 2Provider 0: id: 0x92 cap: 0xb, Source Output, Sink Output, Sink Offload crtcs: 4 outputs: 7 associated providers: 0 name:IntelProvider 1: id: 0x62 cap: 0x7, Source Output, Sink Output, Source Offload crtcs: 2 outputs: 1 associated providers: 0 name:nouveau


      ls /sys/class/drm/*/status | xargs -I {} -i bash -c "echo -n {}: ; cat {}"


      so everything is connected to the intel card.


      i have a hdmi port and a display port.


      so i connected a monitor to my hdmi port (HDMI-A-1".

      i also connected a monitor to my displayport (with a displayport to dvi cable)


      ls /sys/class/drm/*/status | xargs -I {} -i bash -c "echo -n {}: ; cat {}"








      so display port seem to be HDMI-A-2.


      When i enable all my monitor (2 screen monitor + laptop screen), i can get a full resolution for the laptop screen but only 800x600 on others monitor.


      my kernel drive it's 3.12.


      I don't know if it's a limit driver or it's a physical limit?