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    Core i7 Overheat on first installation  Help!!!


      Hey i just bought a core i7 920 and ausu rampage II extreme and corsair dominator DDR3 6Gb hard drive WD caviar black 1TB..wen i installed all da thngs and startd my pc to boot from a windows vista DVD..at first da pc took a lot time to load da dvd and and than it stuck at da bar where it loads da first files..i restarted coz it usually use to tak a min on my core2duo but here it tuk 20 mins..i restarted and after 2-3 restarts da motherboard gave a message temperature overheat..i mean how to help is both da stock cooler fan and cooler master v10 did this giving temperature around 80-85 C..help me please ive not been able to start and install windows even once on my system