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    Xeon X5650 issues


      XHello there, communities of Intel. I have been through the ringer with this issue and it appears to end with you guys, which I find very odd because I haven't heard anyone ever have an issue with an Intel processor that ended up being a defective product but I really have no idea what else it could be.


      I have the following


      EVGA SR-2 Motherboard

      Corsair AX1200 Power supply

      6x4GB Corsair XMS3 1333 mhz memory (total 24GB)

      2x Xeon E5620s (originally purchased, boxed)

      2x Xeon X5650s (bought from Ebay)


      I originally started with the two E5620s, which worked great in the SR-2 for a year straight. In december 2013 I got bit by the upgrade bug again, and looked on Ebay and found two X5650s for very cheap. Naturally I scooped the normally $1,000 processors up.


      Arrived home, installed them... alas. The system would not boot. an instant "FF" post code showed on the POST LED. I know I could not have bent pins because I reinstalled the E5620s and the system booted. I contacted EVGA and they ran through the ringer with me, unable to find the problem.


      In the end, I RMA'ed the motherboard.


      I still have the same problem. FF with my two Xeon X5650s installed, system will not POST. However, with two E5620s installed, the system posts and boots perfectly (I am talking to you on the system right now with the E5620s...)


      With only 1 X5650 installed, the system will boot. I have tried this with each of the X5650s and they both at least POST. Naturally I thought this was a motherboard problem but now that avenue is allievated as well since I RMA'ed the motherboard. The buck stops with you guys...


      It simply has to be the processors. They will work individually, but not in a dual processor configuration. Both are X5650s, and both are the retail spec SLVB3. I know the lids on 1366 processors are soldered so nobody could have scammed me and sold me an engineering sample processor on ebay like I know they like to try. I am simply out of options...


      Can I get an RMA on processors that I did not buy boxed? Are warranties transferable?


      Thanks in advance.