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    Running Linux from a micro SD card

    Clayton Hofrock

      Just adding these step by step instructions for later reference.


      You can run a more complete Linux by running a Linux image from a micro SD card.


      1. First you need to make sure that you have updated the firmware on your Galileo board.
        • You only need to do this once, so if you have already updated the firmware jump to step 2.
        • Plug in the AC adapter.
        • Plug in a USB micro to the USB client connector (nearest the Ethernet port)
        • Plug in the USB micro cable to your computer.
        • Start the Arduino IDE
          • Help -> Update Firmware (will take a few minutes)
      2. You will need a micro SD card:
      3. Next download the pre-compiled and installed Linux image.
      4. Unzip the contents onto the SD cards top level.
        • Should end up with these files/directories in the top level.
        • Little_linux.JPG
      5. Now all you have to do is power down your Galileo, put in the micro SD card, and power up the Galileo board.
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          I have one Intel Galileo Gen 2 board on which i am working now. I have also created our custom Yocto Build system based on Intel Clanton which works fine without any issue.


          I am using SD card as boot up process with boot folder, zimage, initramfs and full file system images. Now, I am planning to update all those images over the Air as a part of firmware update process.


          So, do you have any idea or any information for that?




          Ritesh Prajapati