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    DP35DP will not post with 8GB of RAM




      I have a very stable DP35DP in use in my recording studio. It is running Vista 64 SP1 with a Q9550 with 4GB of Mushkin HP2-6400 memory. When I purchased the RAM last August - I bought 8GB to ensure all sticks were matched and only installed 4GB to start my 64 bit journey.


      This config has been in use for well over a year with no blips whatsoever.


      This past week as part of my standard "tech refresh" - I needed to upgrade a hard drive and I though Iit would be a good time to get that extar 4GB in place so I installed it. However - upon restarting the machine - it would not post - nothing onscreen...no warning beeps (like may a faulty stick of RAM) just a flashing cursor. Removing the additional 4GB - results in a perfect startup.


      So - what's the deal? I know this board supports 8GB...and I know this Mushkin RAM is sound and has the right timings etc to work properly. What am I missing? Any tips or suggestions would be most appreciated.





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          Hi, there


          Have you ever tried to upgrade the BIOS to 0407 or above?

          According to the BIOS ReleaseNotes, BIOS version 0407 or above can fix a problem where system would boot slow with 8GB of memory in the system, and booting to a 64bit OS.(http://downloadmirror.intel.com/17260/eng/DP_0517_ReleaseNotes.pdf)




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            On the BIOS front - I have been relentless in keeping this board current. It's running the latest and greatest - which is 517 if I am not mistaken. So - no issues with the BIOS as far as currency goes. Tis a mystery on what exactly is happening here....

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              You have PSU ? how many Watt?

              Please look also very carefully your board for capacitors problems- leakage...unusual appearance etc.

              Generally, it is probably a BIOS problem. They (Intel) do these things very often- with new BIOS many problems solved-new appears+ old returns.

              They are "famous" for the quality of their BIOS... especially the last 3-4 years.


              I'm afraid that, the things lately are so bad, that even in the new boards the poor "consumer" is frightened to do BIOS "upgrades"- the chance something to goes wrong is almost 95%. You never know which problems will be solved, which will appear again, which new problems will "show face". Problems you never had before... .

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                Odd thing is - a quick google search will reveal others running 8GB of RAM in this board...so it can be done. I am thinking I may pull the 2 sticks in there right now (known good) and fire the 2 newer ones in and see if it boots properly. That will ensure the RAM is not the culprit. I have every BIOS issued for this board and may even backtrack thru a few older ones to see if I can get somewhere on an older BIOS....


                Regarding the PSU - yes - it's a rock solid Corsair 600 watt...definitely not a power issue...


                But there is a problem here somewhere...and I will find it! Or get another board.....:)


                Any other advice on what to look into would be appreciated....





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                  Just an update on this one - the new RAM sticks were faulty. Now running 8GB of RAM successfully with BIO 572.





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                    thats great that you resolve your ram issues..


                    well i recommend Crucial Ram's for hardcore gaming and multimedia heavy users.


                    I have a Crucial Ballistix Ram DDR2 800 2GB x2 runnign dual channel on 5,5,5,18..

                    it works great!!