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    problem with BT and WIFI WIN8.1 N7260


      hi there,

      i am getting really frustrated, i have a new dell inspiron with win8.1 and i have 2 major problems that are really getting me frustrated.

      befor i start i will say that i tried to use dell's support and its not problem that they can help me with.


      first problem is with my BT:

      I am trying to use my dell to be like a speaker to my iphone. i know that on windows 7 it works even on older laptop.

      I paired the iphone to my dell and it has connection, on the device setting i see that there is a service checked as enabled called "audio source service" and "handsfree audio getaway service" but still it is not working and i cant play music via BT to my dell speakers.


      second problem is with my wifi:

      i got wireless N7260 the drivers and proset software are fully updated. and the signal is really low. what i mean is that i have other laptops, older ones, in the same place and they are receiving signal and connection, i even get connection to wifi with my iphone but no signl on my dell. so its really frustrating when i could not connect to wifi on my room. just to know the router is 'n' type placed 15 meters from the room so its really should not make any problems. the only thing i think about is that your drivers are not compatible


      please help me solve this two problems.

      thanks wifi8.1

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