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    Intel Centrino Wireless-N2230 + Asus RT-N56U = no internet connection?


      Hi, I'm using Win7 x64 laptop with Intel Centrino Wireless-N2230 card, and bought Asus RT-N56U wireless router. After setting the router up, I can connect to internet using network cable, but when I go wireless the connection to internet keeps dropping intermittently. Connection to wireless network is stable and good, but the connection to internet dissapears for 30-60 seconds every couple of minutes. Again, if I'm using cable, everything is fast and nice. Any ideas? Thanks!

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          I am sorry for your issue.

          So I understand that your Intel® wireless adapter remains properly connected to the access point but not to the internet. I have some questions in order to have a better picture of the issue:


          Would you please indicate the status of the wireless connection in the Windows* system tray icon (Limited, No internet access, Internet access…)?


          Does this happen with Intel® Proset Software as well as with the Windows* Wireless Auto-Config?


          What results are obtained after a “ping –t” test to the default gateway and to an internet site (URL)?


          What happens to the connection when using default router settings? Does this happen when using a different router?