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    F2 Entering BIOS


      I can allways replicate F2 not working and also F2 that does work.

      NOTE: I am using HDMI port, not DP (dont know hot this is on DP, since I dont have DP-HDMI conversion cable).


      In my workplace I have two sets of monitors... connected to one allways works, connected to other one does work once out of 30 tryouts (I didnt count but will speculate here).


      At home I have Yamaha AVR on which NUC is normally connected and AVR is connected to Samsung TV.

      In this scenario F2 doesnt work (or it works again once out of cca. 30 tryouts).

      If I connect NUC directly to TV then F2 allways works.


      When F2 doesnt work it freezes NUC totaly (needs to be powered off with a button... CTRL-ALT-DEL doesnt work at all).


      Intel should take care of this problem (which is present already for years).

      I think the BIOS freezes on F2 action if somehow doesnt recognises the display, even doe the picture is up (maybe something with EDID???).



      Please, take this seriously and do a working BIOS ASAP.

      I am prepared to take a test trip for you (Intel) on my equipment... if you need, just contact me.

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          Hi Crssi


          Not sure if it's related or not...here's my thoughts.


          I built the D54250WYK and it's been working fine for a week. I could get into and out of bios with no issues. Today I updated from bios 0018 to 0022. Now I'm having difficulty getting into bios, but can get into windows fine.


          It seems like the video output from the NUC is not a refresh rate or resolution that my monitor likes. When I hit F2 at boot, it keeps waking up and going to sleep. I've seen this before when a computer is not outputing a signal the monitor likes.


          Hope that helps someone. If anyone has ideas on my issue, please share. I called intel, they had me open the NUC, swap a jumper near the memory, and try to boot again. No help getting into bios.



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            I have the same issue and get a ansver in F2 don`t work! Cant enter Bios on D54250WYB

            Hope that will help you to.

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              I have the same issue with BIOS 0018 and 0022.

              But this is not only NUC related, I is wide broad intel product related.

              But normally we don't connect computers to other display sources (like TV or AVR), and the problem os not visible in greater scale.

              I have seen in the past few years this problems also with other Intel server motherboards, when connected to specific displays.

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                Yes... but this is not a sollution but it is a workaround.

                Some people might not have other display at the place, and for them it is virtually impossible to get into BIOS.

                I have workaround with a cable connected directly to TV when I would like to enter BIOS, otherwise I am using connection to AVR, which is then connected to TV.


                But this is a real annoyance... luckily, we dont need to enter BIOS on daily basis.


                Intentions of my post is to pinpoint the problem, to help Intel make stuff better.


                The BIOS need to have implemented some sort of failsafe when it cant detect monitor properly.

                The funny thing is that the picture on display is working, but motherboard is frozen... so it is not a problem with displaying picture even doe the monitor is not properly detected.


                I am sure this problem could be remediated without redesigning everything, but with a simple sollution without any higher costs. It is just a lack of interest or what exactly?


                As sad in the first post. I can be a test user for intel to resolve this problem if it is in Intel interest.

                I have working workaround, but why not make the product better if it can be.

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                  Crssi, some products are experiencing audio issues related to HDMI.  You would be able to find additional information on the following link. The information provided was given by an Intel Engineer. https://communities.intel.com/message/218663#218663


                  Here is also a forum from a user that may help you https://communities.intel.com/thread/47406


                  We are already working of getting a new BIOS version in order to solve it. We have been able to see that customer with OEM system, got this issue fixed by updating the BIOS to the latest version available and the installation of the latest graphics drivers.





                  In regards to the problem accessing the BIOS, the reason could be the resolution of your monitor.

                  Which is the model number of your NUC?

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                    Thank you for response


                    I have a D54250WYK with BIOS ver 0022. Running Windows 8.1.

                    I dont have any HDMI Audio loss and no other bitstreaming problems.


                    Monitor in this case is TV, Samsung PS59D6900 has 1920x1080 resolution, but as I have said here are no problems when attached directly.

                    If attached over AVR (Yamaha YSP-5100) there is allways a problem.

                    In the Office I have two monitors, one 1920x1200 and another 2560x1080... I dont exactly remember on which there are no problems and on which there are almost every time.

                    But if I remember correctly, the problem one is 1920x1200.

                    In shortly I will have no time to test it, because I will be out of town for a week. But will follow conversation here.


                    I am aware of new BIOS ver 0023, but there are new problems reported. Read from here on:



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                      Crssi, thanks for the information you provided.  It is very important to always use straight connection. In your case, the AVR is working as an adapter. That could be the reason of the behavior you are getting when it is between the NUC and the TV.

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                        Sylvia, thank you for response.


                        I am sure it is a reason or better sad a workaround of faulty behavious of BIOS.

                        I am sure the problem lies in BIOS, since F7 and F10 works allways, also every other operations works as it should regarding this problem... the only thing that doesnt work is F2 to enter the BIOS. In this case NUC just hangup... even CTRL+ALT+DEL doesnt work, after F2 NUC must be powered off with a button on top of the NUC.


                        I have also mentioned that in the office I have 2 normal monitors. On any of them with other computers (HP brand and also other non Intel) I dont have any problem entering BIOS. But NUC can enter BIOS on one and allmost never on the second.


                        I would suggest that you dont seek problems out of the NUC (Intel) BIOS scope, since other brands does not have this behaviour.


                        Have a nice weekend



                        p.s. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask me.

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                          Since you are able to access the BIOS pressing the F2 key when the NUC is connected directly to the monitor or to a TV, we can say that there is not enough time to access the BIOS during POST.


                          Please try to access the BIOS and under the Configuration TAB> SATA drives> change the “Hard Disk Pre-delay” to a least 10 seconds. This will give more time to the Video BIOS of the Graphics controller to connect to the AVR.


                          Let me know the results

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                            Actually is a Devices Tab

                            BIOS ver 0023

                            This doesnt help... I just see the standard BIOS screen (there where you can select F2,F7 or F10) for longer time before I can enter the BIOS if connected directly to TV or apropriate monitor.


                            When connected to AVR I can still see BIOS screen (there where you can select F2,F7 or F10), but if I press F2 the result is just the same as before... NUC just freezes.


                            I have set then 20 seconds delay, and after turn up conting to 15 seconds delay and then press F2. The result is the same again. Freezeng NUC.

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                              This article is mildly said: ****.

                              Sorry for not choosing word wisely.

                              This article or white paper was created way after NUC Kit D54250WYK was released.

                              After realising the problem from Intel, you (as Intel) have just released the article where stated that this is like "normal".

                              Instead to solve the problem, the Intel choose to "ignore" it?

                              Are there any intentions to resolve this problem, or now after releasing the "article" this will remain so, like "normal"?


                              I dont enter BIOS so many time to bother me at all, at least now when I know how to workaround it.

                              I dont even care if you resolve this problem.

                              What bothers me is that you dont pay attention to problem and I am afraid that you will ignore some other problems too and this way to cripple really cool product that you have built.

                              You must know also that this product is not a cheap one and a problems with it should be treated also that way.


                              I am a bit in "angry" mode right now and I am sorry not to be more diplomatic here.


                              I am still available to try/test some ideas if you get, so just let me know.




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                                Hi crssi,


                                If you will send me a private message with your direct email address, I can send you a test BIOS that should allow you to enter the BIOS setup with the F2 key.





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                                  Hi Lois, I have just sended you a PM with my direct email address.


                                  Thank you

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