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    Problem with control panel Intel graphics in "hp omni 10"


      Hello, recently I have a Tablet "hp omni 10" comes with Windows 8.1 installed.


      At first all great, but one day I pass a cleaning program that looks that erased not something I had to erase and reformat touched me because it would not start.


      The problem comes when I try to enter after formatting properties in the control panel graphics from Intel and no way.


      When I give I get a screen that puts Intel initializing and disappears after a while doing nothing.

      I have looked in device manager / display adapters and everything seems to be correct.


      To say that I uninstalled the graphics drivers and I installed the latest is in the hp page and follow the same. I have also been reformatted and nothing.


      As much as I look online I find no solution. I hope you can think something.