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    Problems using Intel 6205 “My Wifi” and n-WLAN in general



      I'm new to this forum and might Need some advise for setting up WLAN connections using my Intel WLAN card.


      I'm using WLAN connections to synchronise data between my professional notebook (Intel Sandybrigde with Intel 6205) and my personal notebook (AMD K8 with Realtek 8192se card), and further to backup the data from the personal notebook to two different servers also via WLAN.


      As my professional notebook has an Intel 6205 WLAN card build inside, I can use Intel My Wifi to make the WLAN card become an access point. I've known that for a longer time and had already bought a second Intel 6205 card because of that feature, to build it into one of my servers.


      While using my Wifi the first time for synchronising data last week (the professional notebooks Intel 6205 card worked as access point with Intel my Wifi), the connexion broke and I got an error in Windows. It said, the network resource isn't available any more.


      As basic test I did some pinging (via Windows console using the ping command). After a longer connexion duration (several minutes) I get a lot lost packets, about 12,5 %!


      My first suspect was the cheap Realtek card in my personal notebook, so I bought another WLAN card from Broadcom. I tested the connexion to the professionals notebook Intel 6205, with the latter working as a “My Wifi” hotspot, using all three available cards in my personal Notebook:

      • Realtek 8192se two antennas  – about 12,5 % lost packets
      • another Intel 6205 two antennas – no lost packets
      • Broadcom BCM4313 two antennas --  far more than 50 % lost packets -, most times they can't connect at all

      The connexion between the Intel My Wifi Hotspot and the Broadcom BCM4313 works only reliable (without significant packet loss), when setting the Intel 6205 card into 802.11g mode. But with this restriction I get only about 20 MBit/s throughput, contrary to the already slow 40 Mbit/s between two Intel 6205 cards. This is somewhat '2003-standard', but not a contemporary performance. Is there some other kind of fix for this? I also can't
      say the My Wifi Software to use 40 MHz channels or to work in the 5 GHz spectral range.


      I have also another, maybe a minor problem with the Intel 6205 card. Connecting it to my DSL-router I get constantly about 0,5 % packet loss, connecting it to an Alfa AWUS036NH adapter (working in hotspot-mode) gives the same 0,5 % packet loss. I don't have this kind of packet loss with my other WLAN-cards from Realtek and Broadcom. By the way, also in this situation the Intel card is significantly slower than the realtek card, but equal to Broadcom's performance.


      Are there some driver tricks to get a reliable 802.11n use with the Intel 6205 card? In fact My Wifi was the feature, for which I purchased this card.

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          I am sorry for your issue.


          I have the same adapter with latest driver connected to the local AP at 802.11n (104Mbps) with several overlapping networks, and no packet loss after a <ping –t> test the AP. At the same time, few other adapters are connected to this Intel® wireless adapter via Intel® My WiFi Dashboard, one of them is a smartphone which does not experience packet loss either.


          It might be something specific between this adapter model and the other ones you are using or something else; however, it is a bit difficult to test with those other adapter models at this time. Configuration of Intel® My WiFi Dashboard is limited but in general we offer some recommendations for 802.11n connectivity:


          Intel� PROSet/Wireless Software; Intel� PROSet/ Wireless Software Downloads


          Wireless Networking; How do I improve my 802.11n wireless performance?

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            I can't find the setting 'Throughput enhancement' in my german Intel 6205 driver, the other values were already set to the recommended values.


            I've tried to establish the connection between my professional notebook (Intel 6205 with my Wifi Hotspot) and my personal notebook with the Realtek RTL8192SE based WLAN-card. Also this configuration works reliable only in the 802.11g-mode. Using 802.11n-mode results in lost packets, the connexion brakes down and the network resources are not available anymore.


            Can I advice the Intel 6205 card, it should only work as hotspot and shouldn't scan for other WLAN-networks? Maybe it's getting confused by having to much work.

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              Now the situation even got worse. I can start the Intel My Wifi Dashboard, it's appearing the the taskbar, but I can't view the super stylish main window. I just won't appear on the screen, tried several restarts. I can't use it that way to build a connexion between my laptops and synchronise my data.


              When a fixed version of the software (and the underlying driver) can be expected? I payed for an 300 MBit/s adapter, that can only be used reliable in 54 MBit/s mode and the My Wifi software has a severe bug hamstringing it's use totally. I'm really annoyed, even the Realtek hard- and software works more reliable than yours!

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                The options provided in the Intel® wireless adapter’s properties window are intended to be used with the main WiFi connection and also independent from Intel® My WiFi Dashboard.

                We do not have a release date for the new software. In the meantime you may try uninstalling and reinstalling the software or rolling back with Windows* System Restore.

                I apologize for the inconvenience.

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                  I tried uninstalling, restarting and reinstalling. Still the Intel Dashboard only appears in the task bar, but no window appears on the screen.

                  Rolling back Windows isn't possible, I've deactivated it cause of lack of SSD space. Can I somewhere subscribe to new releases of Intels Dashboard?

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                    I now switched to another software for creating the virtual hot spot, it's called 'MyPublicWiFi' - is has basically the same functions as Intels Dashboard.

                    MyPublicWiFi - Virtual Access Point


                    In contrast to 'Intel Dashboard' this one works, it's also able to create an hotspot automatically after booting windows.

                    Sadly as it's the case with Dashboard, the connexion only works reliable using the 802.11g mode. Using the Intel Centrino 6205 WLAN card in 802.11n-mode results in lost packets and unstable connexion.


                    When I can expect an fixed driver? Regarding the other problems I read about that WLAN card it shouldn't be that problematic to reproduce the problems in the lab.