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    Bios 0022, can't see bios because of output or refresh rate


      Built the D54250WYK and it's been working fine for a week. I could get into and out of bios with no issues. Today I updated from bios 0018 to 0022. Now can not get into bios, but can get into windows fine.


      It seems like the video output from the NUC is not a refresh rate or resolution that my monitor likes. When I hit F2 at boot, it keeps waking up and going to sleep. I've seen this before when a computer is not outputing a signal the monitor likes. Confirmed this is the issue by moving the NUC to a new monitor and bios displays fine. The monitor is fails to display on is a monoprice 27"  It worked fine on a Dell 2407wfp.


      Again, it worked fine with 0018, but no longer works after updating to 0022.


      Hope that helps someone. If anyone has ideas on my issue, please share.