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    Gaming rig with i5-3570k or i7-3770 (non-k)??


      Hi. I’m going to build the game rig soon and consider two processors:

      -          i5-3570k or

      -          i7-3770 (non-k)

      and obviously my question will be – which is better? I’m not consider i7-3770k because is too expensive. Also I’m going to buy z77 motherboard with OC Genie 2.

      -          i5-3570k: is cheaper, turbo speed is 3.8 Ghz but can be overclock by using OC Genie 2 (but I’m not sure what speed I will get), it is an unlock processor so there is a potential..

      -          i7-3770 (non-k): is more expensive, but turbo speed is 3.9 Ghz (so is faster). But I’m not sure can I use OC Genie 2 in this case. It is a locked processor. There is a Hyper-threading Technology, but for games it is not useful, so to have a HT will not be a big advantage for me.


      -          can I use OC Genie 2 on i7-3770 (non-k). This is locked processor. If I can use, what speed can I expect?

      -          Does i5-3570k after using OC Genie 2 will be faster then i7-3770 (non-k) without OC Genie 2?

      I’m not going to overclock these processors, more then by using OC Genie 2. The most important for me is, which processor will be faster on the motherboard feature with OC Genie 2?