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        I will try to answer as clearly as I can. English is only my second language


        The Zino was built on an AMD platform, I believe? So the Loudness Equalization and Room Correction was part of those drivers. I'm not sure how the Zino worked with the surround sound, but the NUC simply passes the audio through the HDMI cable without doing anything with it. Hence no settings available.

        You should try to leave as much "enhancement" as you can to your reciever. Let it do all the correction and decoding if it's capable. What kind of receiver do you have btw?


        What people are talking about not being supported is DTS-HD and Dolby Digital Plus. This is because the 2820 does not have the Intel IME driver which lets Windows pass those signals through a digital connection, like the HDMI cable. If you have a movie with ordinary DTS or DD sound and you're not getting 5.1 sound through your speakers, there is something else going on.


        Have you setup the right speaker settings in Windows as well?

        Control Panel -> Sound -> select your output and click "Configurate". Select 5.1 and go through the guide. The steps might be called something slightly different. I'm on a Swedish version of Windows.


        Which media player are you using to watch your movies? There might be something weird with those settings as well.


        Edit: Forgot to mention which drivers I was using. I used the driver bundle from the support site. I'm on Windows 8.1 though.

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          Hi Jinwa


          So for starters, your English is better than mine :-)


          Right, so I have done some testing thanks to you guidance. My receiver is a Onkyo HTR380.  http://www.intl.onkyo.com/downloads/manuals/pdf/ht-s3305_manual_e.pdf


          But I have an atlona 4x4 matrix hdmi switch in the middle so that the same HDMI feed can go to more than one room. I did some recabling as a test, and put the NUC directly into the Onkyo, and with the output going via the HDMI switch to the TV, and volia.....I now have proper 5.1 audio. But, I have no audio in the other rooms, only picture! And if I switch on HDMI audio, I'm getting no audio in the main surround sound room. Argh. What a nightmare! I don't think there is a way to cable this correctly and get what I want. I cant seem to find a setting on that onkyo that allows dual audio output (optical and HDMI).


          If I recable back to original config, the media center continues to provide 5.1 output until its rebooted, at which point it reverts to 2 channel. Any creative solution ideas? The only thing I can think of is a HDMI splitter out the back of the NUC, one feed into the Onyko and the other into the HDMI matrix switch.


          Of course all of this only solves my 5.1 issue. I still have a lower volume. I've alway found that I needed to turn on Loudness Equalization to have a comparible volume setting between my media centers and other devices (satellite, games consoles etc). Losing this with the NUC is a pain. Im using the same drivers as you (they are common for 7/8)


          So I am making some progress, but I guess I need more hardware to achieve the 5.1 goal. And no real hope of achieving the volume fix other than a different machine it seems?

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            Even as I think of my spliiter solution I realise it wont work. The NUC will likely not be able to negotiation with the Onkyo given that the HDMI splitter is in the middle. I'm stuck, unless I can work out a dual output setting on the Onkyo.

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              Intel - Any word on a resolution to the original post. Looks like you guys are producing multiple processors now on the same Bay Trail platform and marketing them as low power media hub work horses without fixing this major issue which has been widely reported since Jan 2014. Looks like a true case for a class action law suit since all your documentation is misleading and the consumer community is unable to get a straight answer.

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                Sylvia, are you able to provide any timescales for a response to this issue?

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                  Guys, I really apologize for this inconvenience. I’m still waiting on the engineering team for a solution on this issue. 

                  I already sent an email requesting an update on this problem.

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                    I just picked up DN2820FYKH a few days ago and I'm running into the same issues with DTS-HD. I'm going to return it, unless there's a fix in the next few weeks. What is the status of the resolution?

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                      What is extremely frustrating about this is the software driver is already out there for every other model of NUC: Download Center


                      That driver won't install on the 2820 kit because it says "does not meet minimum system requirements." However, is has all of the same hardware necessary for that function as the D34010WYK upon which the 2820 kit is based. It is likely just a matter of modifying a couple of install scripts to allow it to properly recognize the 2820 as being compatible with that software package. Probably 2 minutes worth of work for an Intel software engineer.

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                        It kind of makes me wonder why it's taking so long.

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                          This lack of Audio HD support in Windows is not a deal breaker for me personally (I can live with DTS core), but it makes this NUC not so attractive as it could be. The idea is to have slim and affordable HTPC with all benefits of Windows and none of HTPC restrictions which come with Android/Linux installations. Without DTS HD it is still limited solution.

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                            So I know this topic is about DTS-HD, but I'd like to reiterate a point I was making earlier in this thread. The driver appears to be feature deficient on several levels. Personally (like Alexander2014) I can live without DTS-HD. But the lack of Room Correction and in particular Loudness Equalization is killing me in my environment. I have to turn my receiver up to 50 to hear the output from this device, and turn the receiver back down to 25 all of my other connected devices (another media center, a satellite system and a games console). Every machine I have ever installed Windows 7 on (hundreds of different machine models) has had this option available via the driver. It just seems like its a poor overall effort on the driver to me.

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                              Hi Sylvia,  Have the engineering team been able to reply to your email yet?  It's been over a month since you sent it to them.

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                                They are still working on this, however I'm going to ask again.

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                                  Hi Sylvia


                                  I recently purchased a computer containing J1900 for the purpose of using it as an HTPC but became disappointed to learn that it cannot do HD audio through HDMI.

                                  It seems that the NUC issue is a related issue.

                                  Do you know if the engineering team is aware of the J1900 issue with the same thing as well?

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                                    Ropht, would you please open a new thread at the processor Community and report this issue over there? https://communities.intel.com/community/tech/processors



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