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        And yes, i too have fallen for this "ideal" mediamachine, but boy am i wrong..

        It just won't play Netflix in DD 5.1 (via the Win 8.1 App). Got all the latest Bios/Drivers/Updates installed, but alas, just like all of you in here; no 5.1 output over my HDMi (towards my Marantz 7.1 True HD Receiver). Only Stereo. The DD 5.1 stream stutters 1-2 FPS and finally crashes.


        Xbmc and other media players will play 5.1 without any problems, but Netflix won't. I did (a lot of) research and my opinion is that the missing Intel Engine Management Driver for Windows 8.1 (which are available for all the NUC kits, but not this one...) is the culprit.


        Thanks Intel! Please get it done ASAP.

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          Besides that, in Windows 8, all my drivers where up to date. But after the upgrade to windows 8.1 in device management there's now an exclamation mark next to Sm Bus controller. (searched and found i'm not the only one...) Uninstalling, reinstalling drivers won't help. Im using the latest .INF set for the chipset.

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            HugoXa4, could you try the following drive? The Intel® Trusted Execution Engine (Intel® TXE) driver replaces the Intel ME drivers. Download Center    

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              Yes besides, I've got everything installed that is in the latest driver package. And Latest BIOS 3x+, Latest updates win 8.1 Pro (original + activated) etc. etc. Nothing helps.

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                Have you checked the Vendor ID and Device ID of the device?


                Device Manager -> Double click the device -> Information -> Under Properties

                It might be called something slightly different. I'm using a Swedish Windows.


                When you know the ID's, try to google them

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                  I stumbled across this forum whilst searching for an issue I've been having been having with a similar (I think?) board - Gigabyte GA-J1800N-D2H I cannot get dts-hd ma audio to work.  The issue is only on windows (I'm using windows 7 64bit), I can't vouch for windows 8 or 8.1, however if I boot OpenElec it works I get dts-hd MA audio using passthrough and my Denon AVR lights up with the DTS-HD MA logo.


                  Can you guys with this problem on your NUC systems try booting OpenElec from a USB stick and verify that the problem is resolved and can therefore only point to a driver issue?


                  On another note, in Windows I can see that the HECI service is not started and when I try to start it, it fails with an error.

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                    I can confirm that there is no DTS-HD support with Windows 8.1 at the moment.

                    I have all latest Intel drivers installed and unfortunately no DTS-HD passthrough is working at the moment.

                    I can also confirm that DTS-HD works under Openelec, which means there is some problem with Win 8 drivers. Problem is i already have Win 8 license and Openelec is not suitable for my daily needs.


                    It is a pity, I was looking forward to install DN2820 NUC as HTPC for couple more rooms, but now it seems I need to wait. Other than DTS-HD missing, it is perfect as HTPC.

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                      Hmmm, where does this leave us?  Are Intel able to tell us if this is something that can be addressed in Windows?  Does it apply to all Intel Graphics drivers or is it just certain hardware that is affected by the limitation?  To me it sounds like a software issue but I guess some Intel techie / dev person will need to confirm - Help us Intel, we need our HD Audio fixed

                      • 68. Re: DN2820FYKH DTS-HD?

                        It has already been confirmed by an Intel representative:


                        "Guys, this issue has been reported to our engineering team and they are currently working to get it resolved. I still do not have an estimate time of resolution but you can keep checking this post for updates."



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                          I have the Asus J1800i-c motherboard integrated with this baytrail soc, and I can confirm too, that HD audio passthrough is not working on this either...

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                            It's probably worth keeping an eye on this post too?  Its exactly the same issue and Alan of Intel is looking into it - Re: J1900 Processor and HD Bitstream

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                              +1 for those duped by this 'fantastic' media center. I cannot believe no 5.1 audio in windows. I have mine about a week now, and been battling the sound issues until I came across this thread.

                              When are we likely to see progress on this?

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                                Oh, and to add insult to injury, no Loudness Equalization or Room Correction? So no 5.1, and shockingly low volume output? I have to turn my receiver up to double its normal volume to get decent output. What gives there? The hardware should support all of the above from what I have read.

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                                  Dolby Digital and DTS works perfectly in Windows, feardamhan.

                                  DTS-HD and Dolby Digital Plus does not. That's what this thread is about.


                                  Loudness Equalization and Room Correction is a recievers job, not Windows.

                                  The volume from my 2820 was loud and crisp, just like it should be. Try to reinstall drivers and/or Windows to see if that helps. If it doesn't, I would send it back for repair/exchange.

                                  • 74. Re: DN2820FYKH DTS-HD?

                                    Thanks for the advice jinwa. I'm a little puzzled by your answer though.


                                    I've just moved from a Dell Zino HD to my Intel NUC. Both connected to the same receiver, with the same physical HDMI cabling. My Zino had the option of Loudness Equalization and Room Correction, but Intel NUC does not. Both runnning Windows 7. My reading of the issue (and there are other folk on other threads complaining of similar issues) is that the driver provided by intel for the HD graphics and audio does not support it. As a result, my intel NUC is not providing true 5.1. What exactly do you mean by a receiver being at fault? I can of course get the receiver to do its best with the stereo sound its given and force into sudo surround sound, but its forcing sound to all speakers, and not to indiviudal ones.


                                    Can you advise as to the current setup of your 2820? Including driver versions etc? I've been using all the latest versions etc, to no avail. I can still only get stereo sound, and no Enhancements options at all.

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