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    D34010WYK memory - 8GB or 16GB?


      I've just ordered a NUC D34010WYK and I think I can just use 1 memory slot? I was thinking of getting 8GB now and the other 8 later if I think I need it.


      The question is: do I need 16GB? Any advantage in the real world?


      I notice a lot of the reviews are done using just 8MB, usually in pairs.


      Anybody got any experience of just using one slot?



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          Hi keveen,


          You probably won't see a benefit from 16GB unless you do something that uses a ton of memory.  8GB is typically plenty.


          As for the 1 stick vs. 2 stick question you WILL see a performance benefit using two matched sticks because your memory will run in dual channel mode.  Whether it's enough of a different to matter is really up to you. I'd estimate it as ~15% faster.  That's 15% faster for the memory, not for the system as a whole.  I have the model you just got and have run it with 2 sticks of 4GB and one stick of 8GB.  While both were plenty fast the 2 stick config did 'feel' faster.


          If you go with a single stick now and add another later be sure to get an identical stick down the road.  If you mismatch memory it could cause stability problems.


          I hope this helps.


          Jason (Intel employee and NUC owner)

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            Thanks. £60 for 1 stick now. I will probably do more video editing on this faster machine. I suppose I could sell 2 4GB sticks at a later date. Still thinking.


            Can't wait. I'm still on a Pentium!! Does the job however, even small video editing and codec jobs.

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              I went with one 8 GB stick for reliability (Lindbergh chose one engine figuring if one engine failed a second engine would only take him to the scene of the crash), and also the cost factor, less money for one 8 GB than 2 X 4 GB.

              No problems.

              I inserted the one stick into the top slot for what I perceive would provide for better cooling and as suggested by Intel.

              I doubt if I will ever add more memory.

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                I was in the same thought process. I went ahead with a single 8gb stick. My NUC is arriving tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it goes. Earlier I had an older version of the i5 nuc created with 2 4gb’s. I really want the flexibility of being able to add additional ram in the future. You never know. Selling OLD ram and buying new ones isin’t the easiest of tasks on eBay.

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                  Mine arrived today - very nice solid kit is my first impression and unbelievably small.. Plus a box that plays a fanfare when you open it. Nobody mentioned that in the reviews...


                  I bet I add more RAM later if I see I can do better video editing. OK 8MB! Good tip on placement I didn't see that info anywhere though I have to say the Intel documents are very informative. I'm choosing from the list of recommended hardware as I see that some people have had problems with other stuff.